One Final 2011 Picture For the Fan Club

Ghlaghghee languidly fulfills her contractual obligations for the year and wishes you the best for the rest of 2011 and for all of 2012. Now, scoot. She’s got napping to do.

Whatever Stats 2011

It’s not precisely the very end of the year (we’ve still got several hours to go), but, inasmuch as holidays and weekends are slow around here anyway, and today is both, it’s close enough for me to wonk… Read More

This Song’s Been In My Head For a While, Now I’m Giving it to You

Don’t worry. It’s lovely.

2011 in Review; Looking Ahead to 2012

Objectively speaking about the world at large, 2011 was about as crappy a year as I can remember existing in my entire adult life; a genuine clusterbang of monumental proportions. But on a personal and professional level, it… Read More

Sunsets, 2011

First: Tonight’s sunset, with extra added American flag: Second: A selection of sunsets from 2011. Enjoy. Third, have a sunrise. Because you deserve it. In all, another good year for that great big ball of plasma in the… Read More

The Big Idea: Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher’s debut novel Empire State isn’t just a novel — it’s the start of an interesting initiative by his publisher Angry Robot to let readers into the parallel New York Christopher has created. Christopher’s own journey to… Read More

Another Reason Why the Gradual De-White-Breadination of the US is Perfectly Okay With Me

Because it means I get churro-derived breakfast cereal. Athena and I both spotted this box in the store, said “Dude! Churro cereal!” almost simultaneously, and lunged for the box. I got it first because I still have the… Read More

The Big Idea: Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge

Here’s a Big Idea piece full of the magic of living in the electronic age: authors Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge saw an opportunity with the advent of DIY eBook publishing to resurrect their Exordium space opera series… Read More

Wrapping Up 2011

It’s my last FilmCritic.com column of the year this week, and so perhaps predictably I’ve put together some final thoughts on 2011 and film, the state of the film industry, and some of the lesser-seen indie science fiction… Read More

Dear Readers: Publishers Think of You as Customers I SWEAR

A few days ago, Robin L., one of the bloggers of the Dear Author site, took exception, via Twitter, to my announcement that I would be deleting kvetching about eBook pricing on my Big Idea posts, that I consider such… Read More

The Big Idea: Ryan David Jahn

This is another one for the “where do you get your ideas?” file: Ryan David Jahn was on the trail of a day job and found a novel instead. How did that happen? And what tweaks did he… Read More

Me & Krissy

Christmas Eve, 2011.

All I Want For Christmas Are Some Deeply Stoned Cats

Whoa, man. Just, like, wow.

Training for the Hunger Games

Because you never know. How’s your Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Here’s the holiday card we sent out this year. Now it’s for you. If you’re the Christmas type, I hope it is a good one. If you’re not the Christmas type, I hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday.

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Holiday Music

Each year we hear them, we sing them, we love them: The holiday songs of our lives. But how much do we really know about the great music of the holidays? Probably not as much as we think…. Read More

Whatever Best of 2011

Well, if you were going to sleep through a year, 2011 was a really good one to do it in. And if you did, here are the twenty Whatever entries that I think best encapsulated the year around… Read More

Chicon 7 Membership Discounts + Hugo Base Competition Extended

Two notes for you regarding Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, at which, most of you know, I will be the Toastmaster. The first is related to me by Chicon 7 head Dave McCarty: Chicon is having a “7… Read More

Athenamas, 13th Edition

It’s a family tradition here at the Scalzi household to awaken our daughter on her birthday with a flaming pastry, usually a birthday cake. This year, however, she turns thirteen, and to celebrate the initial transformation into a… Read More

One From the Vaults: What It’s Like to Be a Movie Critic (Circa 1997)

Someone was asking me what it was like to have been a full-time movie critic back in the day, and I was going to go off and do a long blather about it, but then I remembered: I… Read More