I’m Back Home and Have Two Days of E-Mail to Catch Up On, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat

There, that should keep you busy for a while.

28 Comments on “I’m Back Home and Have Two Days of E-Mail to Catch Up On, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat

  1. It appears that your cat is incompatible with your wall outlet. You should probably look into an adapter of some sort.

  2. What, lopsided cat can’t sit in narrow window sills lest he fall out?

  3. Being the entire fan club for Zeus the adorable, I am thrilled with that picture. It shows his adorableness just fine.

  4. Dëthsnöw’s first release looks like it bombed. Hopefully, their sophomore effort will be better.

  5. I knew writer who had a cat and a Xerox CP/M system, complete with WordStar and a daisy wheel printer.

    One day she reported that her cat, who enjoyed sitting on the warm CRT montior had managed to stick its tail inside one of the ventilation slots and get quite a shock. She used a rolled-up newspaper or magazine to knock the cat off of the monitor. The cat reportedly blamed her for the whole affair, since she had whacked it and cat’s aren’t TU GUD WIT COZ AN EFEKT.

  6. Mike, I think it is more likely that the cat was just being a cat – they blame their humans for every negative experience, like empty food dishes, getting wet, missing the jump up onto the table… the cat was probably quite sure that your friend had deliberately caused the shock!

    BTW Zeus is a gorgeous cat.

  7. Looking for the window treatment into summer, apparently.

  8. Kathryne, I suppose that the cat could well think that the human is unhappy that the cat is on the monitor and shocked it and then whacked it to express her displeasure.

    Your comment about getting wet and missing jumps leads me to wonder:
    Cat regard humans as staff, but omnipotent staff. That suggests an odd window into cat theology.

  9. Pathetic Earthling has provided a first for me here–a comment that made me laugh harder than the post it responds to.

  10. “Cat regard humans as staff, but omnipotent staff.”

    Omnipotent but barely competent under the best of circumstances.

  11. Pathetic Earthling wins the Internet today.

    As I side note, I highly recommend a Toddy Gear cloth to clean an iPad screen.

  12. P.S. The absence of preview or edit functionality for these comments scuks.

  13. @Bearpaw, unedited perfection only needs to be a goal, not a reality.

  14. Nice composition. Vertical stripes frame the shot nicely and the foreground and background are well balanced.

  15. No rant from The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club?

    You disappoint me, Master Chang. Qui-gon held you in such high regard.

  16. Cat? Cat? You’ve got a beautiful dog and a snuggly bunny. Why not one of those? Huh? HUH?

    Oh well… nice cat pic. ;-)

  17. I have a cat that looks a lot like yours, named Keekee. Is your cat a Calico, too?

  18. Ha ha. This post is “filed under unCATegorized”. Good one.

  19. I guess everyone’s extrapolated the cat’s tail and that socket. Sharp crowd. Question is: Is the cat doing it on purpose, Mona Lisa-like?

  20. “Human, that white stuff in my hunting grounds is cold and wet. Why have you not removed it yet?”