WordPress Slightly Twitchy Today

There seem to be a couple of glitches here and there when I call up the site (others have noticed it as well). Since the blog is hosted by WordPress, I suspect it’s something on their end. If I had to guess I would bet it had something to do with WP version 3.3. being distributed today, but that’s just me guessing. In any event, the glitches seem to be pretty short-lived, so if you have a problem with the site today, wait a second or two and hit “reload.” That’s been working for me so far.

3 Comments on “WordPress Slightly Twitchy Today

  1. It’s probably SOPA tightening it’s grip on the interwebs. They’re onto us!

  2. It’s probably the falling snow plugin all of us decided to use at the same time.

  3. Or WordPress is just feeling dirty after being wanged, since you were linked from your PA comic.