Sunsets, 2011

First: Tonight’s sunset, with extra added American flag: Second: A selection of sunsets from 2011. Enjoy. Third, have a sunrise. Because you deserve it. In all, another good year for that great big ball of plasma in the… Read More

The Big Idea: Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher’s debut novel Empire State isn’t just a novel — it’s the start of an interesting initiative by his publisher Angry Robot to let readers into the parallel New York Christopher has created. Christopher’s own journey to… Read More

Another Reason Why the Gradual De-White-Breadination of the US is Perfectly Okay With Me

Because it means I get churro-derived breakfast cereal. Athena and I both spotted this box in the store, said “Dude! Churro cereal!” almost simultaneously, and lunged for the box. I got it first because I still have the… Read More