Portland! You Have a SFWA Reading TONIGHT! Seattle, TOMORROW!

I interrupt this blog to bring you an importance notice from Hugo-winning author David Levine, of vital importance to those of you in the Pacific Northwest! Take it away, David: “As you may know, the Science Fiction Writers… Read More

The Big Idea: Myke Cole

Magic can do many things. It can raise fire. It can rain down dragons. It can make things move with the power of one man’s mind. But how does it stand up to bureaucracy? What if that bureaucracy… Read More

Jonathan Franzen Shakes His Fist at the Clouds, Especially the Virtual Ones

Question, which seems apt considering the previous post today: Any thoughts on Jonathan Franzen’s opinions about eBooks? For those of you who have not seen them, they are here. For those disinclined to link, here’s a quote: Maybe… Read More

A Small Meditation on Art, Commerce and Impermanence

I’m going to touch on something that I’ve discussed briefly before but which I think is worth reheating into its own post. Here are the best selling books in the US from 1912, which is (for those of… Read More

OMW in Turkish

The Kayip Rithim Web site, which is a Turkish site for science fiction and fantasy, has posted the opening chapter of the Turkish translation of Old Man’s War in advance of the book’s publication in (I think) March…. Read More

Writer, Professional, Good

Here are three questions I was recently asked about writing. I’m going to condense the questions, because when they were asked, they meandered across several paragraphs; they boil down to three sentences, which are: When may you call… Read More

Cory Booker Gets It Right

The Newark mayor the subject of same-sex marriage, specifically in New Jersey, but generally applicable everywhere. When courts decide for same-sex marriage, those who oppose it say it should be the choice of legislatures. When legislatures decide for… Read More

Today’s Interesting Commercial Discovery

I went to go make myself a cheese quesadillia today because cheese+tortilla+1 minute in the microwave = GAAAAHCHEEZYGOODNESS, and I noticed that we have two bags of tortillas in the refrigerator, but one is labeled “Original Wraps,” and… Read More

Single Serving Scalzi

Hey there — Subterranean Press has released another on of my short stories for the Kindle and Nook: “Tale of the Wicked,” which originally showed up in the New Space Opera 2 anthology, back in 2009. It’s got… Read More

I Am Running For SFWA President (Again) (Again)

It’s come round that time when the Election Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America makes its call for candidates to serve on our board. I have decided to step forward once more (last, last… Read More

She’s At It Again

This is not the first time Krissy has been caught hugging babies with her teeth. But can you blame her? They are so tender! You could just eat them up! Just! Note: The baby survived, largely untasted.

Old Man’s War Goes to Italy

Hey, today’s a big day for me in the land of (some of) my ancestors! It’s the day that the Italian version of Old Man’s War hits bookstores. It’s been retitled Morire Per Vivere, which if Google Translate… Read More

Athena Experiences Complete Moral Outrage at the Merest Suggestion of Insincerity

Seems that some people believe that the “Athena Vs. the LP” video was staged. Athena, naturally, responds: There, I think that should settle the question. More seriously: Come on, people. Athena: Not stupid, and as anyone who spends… Read More

2012 Oscar Noms: Not Great For SF/F

Over at FilmCritic.com, I look at this year’s Academy Award nominations and what they mean for science fiction and fantasy (short answer: not much). But when you have a mediocre year in SF/F films, you shouldn’t expect much… Read More

The Oscar Prediction Post, 2012

As I do every year when the Academy Award nominations come out, I put on my film critic hat and try to guess which nominees are eventually going to walk away with Oscar gold. This year’s nomination slates… Read More

Redshirts, In ARC Form

I mentioned in my con report that I had received an ARC of Redshirts, my upcoming novel; for those of you who are for some reason skeptical about that (why? why?) here it is on my desk. And… Read More

Today’s Ass-Covering Statement

I am soooooooo far behind on e-mail at the moment. I swear I’m going to catch up on most of it this afternoon. If you had e-mailed me in the last couple of weeks and were hoping for… Read More

Warrants? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’… Oh, Wait, We Do

The Supreme Court unanimously says law enforcement needs a warrant for GPS monitoring. I like the part where it’s unanimous. Here’s a pdf of the decision.

Confusion Convention Recap

My Confusion convention weekend started a bit inauspiciously; when Krissy and I arrived at the hotel the con was at, we noticed that I had managed to leave my suitcase behind, meaning that as far as clothing was… Read More

Various and Sundry, 1/23/12

While I was away at a science fiction convention, the world stubbornly went on without me. Here’s what I think of some of what happened.   * South Carolina GOP Primary: Loved it. Dear Republicans: I think your… Read More