I Find It Appalling There Are No Google Results For “Conan the Gozerian”

And, thus, this post. My work here is done. Also: Quick! Someone! Make fan art! Update: 10:30pm: THERE IS FAN ART. Also, here.

Comment Moderation Note Re: The Spam Queue

In the past month my comment spam has increased exponentially, which makes it harder for me to go in and rescue the occasional comment from an actual human being that WordPress has, for reasons known only to it,… Read More

Convention Appearance: Epic Confusion

I’ve been knowing I’m going to this since, uh, the last Confusion convention ended last year, so I have no excuse for not noting it until now. Nevertheless, I’ll be attending Epic Confusion, this January 20 – 22,… Read More

The 2012 Award Pimpage Post

It’s early January, which means that it’s time for people to start thinking about what they might want to nominate for various literary awards. You might be one of those people! And if you are: Hello, sexy. Let… Read More