24 thoughts on “From a Universe in Which Ukuleles Drop, Semi-Randomly, From the Sky

  1. I took several years of math at the university, and I would have to say those ukele drops were anti-random.

    awesome cover btw

  2. I will listen to this at the _very least_ once more.
    And I intend to learn more Adele: Someone Like You.

    Excellentness on the ukelele drops.

    (My failure to complement anything else in no way indicates my opinion or lack thereof
    about that other thing).

  3. Aargh. So lame. Answering meself.
    And vis the guy with the white hajib sort of thing.
    Dude, I so really hate bad hair days.

  4. What I immediately found for Adele: Someone Like You is less good than
    than that cover.

    Interesting thing on the Kroger food store ‘muzak’ the other day was Tracy
    Chapman: Fast Car. — Note to self: Verify I got all her music.

  5. Very good cover ! Thanks for the link (as for previous wild horses)

    A bientôt, old’s man.

  6. Thanks! It’s a great cover, and I can at least listen all the way through without bursting into tears and sobbing inconsolably. It’s the uke that brightens it up.

  7. After reading the title, I’m now imagining a guiding force that determines the non-random element of the ukeleles dropping from the sky. The theological implications are not reassuring.

  8. Troy, somebody else gave me the Gotye cover on the weekend. Not quite as good as the original (best song released last year) but still very nice work! Also check out the Eskimo Joe cover of the same song.

  9. Oh man. This post led to me to the Gotye cover and I have watched it no less than a dozen times in the past 2 days. Love their harmonies.

    As for the sound in the videos I thought they usually had someone behind the scenes doing whatever soundy stuff needed to be done to make it sound right. Like they do here (DON’T WATCH if you don’t want the Uke drop secrets spoiled!) Disclaimer: I am NOT a soundy person so I could be totally wrong.


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