17 thoughts on “Today is a Day to Spend Mostly Away From Teh IntarWeebs

  1. Here today appears to be the day of taking pictures of your things and putting those pictures up on Facebook.

  2. OMG, someone is WRONG on the INTERNET! Stop the presses! What, we don’t use presses anymore? Well stop’em anyway! What? It’s John Scazli? He can’t possibly be wrong! Oh, no! it’s the Cloister Bell! It’s the Paradox that Ends the World! *hides*

  3. Today is a day for futzing around on the internet unless you have something better to do. I don’t, ergo…

  4. Heh. I’m in the early stages of labour (yep, the giving birth kind) and still here on the webs passing the time and live blogging the incredibly slow process (I’ve been having contractions for a full week as of this evening, and still no friggin baby. Clearly this whole pregnancy thing is just one giant practical joke that never ever ends.) At least in “Alien” it was fast.

    Louise Curtis

  5. Isn’t wrongly wrongness actually right? I coud be mistaken. I am having trouble with all the modIfiers posing as adverbs.

  6. Any relationship between wrongy wrongness and darky darkness (as in The Darky Darkness Where Everyone Dies, your alternate title for The God Engines)?

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