21 thoughts on “An Enigmatic Update For You to Puzzle Over

  1. Not to be confused (or licked, I would imagine) with the Epic Book of Confused Licks: “And the people did cry out in an single voice, ‘Lord! That bottle of ale did hit Clapton in his temple; yet he proceedeth to playin an most awesome fashion! Well, relatively…’”

  2. Licked Book of Epic Confusion is a forthcoming Black Sabbath album featuring heavy metal covers of such artists as: Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn, WHAM, and Boy George, just to name a few. Expect this 3 disc tribute to be in stores for this Holiday Season.

  3. @stencil:

    That much alliteration should only be uttered by Fibber McGee.

    My parser hurts now thanks to you. :P ;-)

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