Cory Booker Gets It Right

The Newark mayor the subject of same-sex marriage, specifically in New Jersey, but generally applicable everywhere. When courts decide for same-sex marriage, those who oppose it say it should be the choice of legislatures. When legislatures decide for… Read More

Today’s Interesting Commercial Discovery

I went to go make myself a cheese quesadillia today because cheese+tortilla+1 minute in the microwave = GAAAAHCHEEZYGOODNESS, and I noticed that we have two bags of tortillas in the refrigerator, but one is labeled “Original Wraps,” and… Read More

Single Serving Scalzi

Hey there — Subterranean Press has released another on of my short stories for the Kindle and Nook: “Tale of the Wicked,” which originally showed up in the New Space Opera 2 anthology, back in 2009. It’s got… Read More