Presenting the Legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion

I’ll get to a more general wrap-up of this year’s edition of the Confusion science fiction and fantasy convention later on, but I wanted to call your attention to a particular book and why it is, in its… Read More

Back From Confusion

We made it home alive, or if we died we have excellent momentum. This year’s edition of the Confusion convention was, as promised, epic. More details to come, when I’ve unpacked, caught up on e-mail and seen my… Read More

An Enigmatic Update For You to Puzzle Over

One day, songs will be sung about the legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion. That is all.

Your “I’m Traveling, So Fill My Site With Content” Thread (i.e., Promote Yourself and/or Others)

I’m off to the Epic Confusion convention this weekend to hang out with friends, sign lots and lots of books and cause the sort of mischief that I will need for an interesting autobiography a quarter of a… Read More

I’d Rather Listen to This Than the Original

And I’m not exactly an Elmo fan. At all.

It’s My Fault For Reading It But Then the Writer is Not Blameless Either

The literature articles of Salon.com should come with a warning which states “Best read after jamming an ice pick into your frontal lobe, the better to blunt the pain of screaming entitlement,” and I know that, so really,… Read More

Quick Political Notes, 1/19/12

Some stuff: * Bye, Rick Perry! It’s been fun. Now you’re just Texas’ problem again, which, of course, is just fine. I also thank you for putting the rest of the US off Texas governors for a while…. Read More

Today’s Cool Thing

Not the two different versions of the French cover of Agent to the Stars by Paul Kidby — although, come on, how cool are those, right? Pretty damn cool — but the personalized-to-my-daughter sketch of The Kids Next… Read More

In What I’m Sure Will Be Considered an Ironic Act By Some

One of the first things I did after the SOPA/PIPA blackout page here came down? Sent information to lawyers about a file sharing site illegally offering up my work for download. It’s not actually ironic, as I noted… Read More

Athena Encounters the Technology of the Ancients

As I noted to people on Twitter who reported feeling old after watching this, it’s not you’re so old, it’s that she’s so young. Update, 1/25: Athena responds to accusations that her reaction here was staged.

On SOPA/PIPA (For the People Who Aren’t Blacked Out)

I’m using WordPress’ “blackout” function today, so most people are seeing the site blacked out through 8pm tonight, but some folks can see it (it seems mostly in countries other than the US, but also some in the… Read More

You Know, For Kids

If you were wanting to introduce a young kid to science fiction film, what films would you use to start that education? Over at FilmCritic.com today, I tackle that question and come up with five films to help… Read More

Something on Which George Lucas and I Agree

In a long New York Times feature about George Lucas, the producer and director talks about his relationship with his current girlfriend: If you’re more beautiful than I am and smarter than I am and you’ll put up… Read More

Five Easy Steps to Enjoying Starship Troopers, The Movie

Over at Tor.com, I’m writing about Starship Troopers, the movie, and why I enjoy it, and how you can enjoy it too. It only requires five steps! You know you want to know about those five steps are…. Read More

The Big Idea: Michele Lang

In the course of human events, the actual individual humans can matter. At the very least Michele Lang seems to think so; in today’s Big Idea about her latest novel Dark Victory, Lang looks at how individual people… Read More

Andrew Sullivan Posits a Hypothesis To Make Everyone Of Every Political Stripe Hate Him

Which is that everyone who is foamy about Obama, on the right and on the left, is hopelessly and dishonestly obtuse, and that eventually Obama is going to rope-a-dope everyone with his masterful mastery and long-term planning. Oh,… Read More

In Which I Read Something Well In Advance and Then Tease You With It

Don’t ask me how (but know that many Bothans died to get me the information), but I laid my hands upon the spec script for The Magicians, the proposed television series based on Lev Grossman’s “Magicians” series of… Read More

Connie Willis: Grand Master

Yes, it’s true: Connie Willis has been given the 2011 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (of which, as most of you know, I am the current president). It… Read More

The Sagan Diary Giveaway at Epic Confusion + My Epic Confusion Schedule

This next weekend I’m going to be at the Epic Confusion science fiction/fantasy convention in Troy, Michigan, along with Patrick Rothfuss, Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercombie, Brent Weeks, Elizabeth Bear, Saladin Ahmed, Tobias Buckell, Robin Hobb and so… Read More

Huntsman Done

Given my endorsement (such as it was) of Jon Huntsman, I’m getting e-mail and tweets from people who want to know what my thoughts are about the man dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Romney. Well,… Read More