Whoa, Five O’Clock Already

Uh, looks like I got nothing for you today, folks. But I’ll have some interesting stuff for you tomorrow. Promise!

Saturday Music For You

Here you go, evidence for the assertion that Coldplay is better when covered by someone else: Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano covering “The Scientist.” Also, as apparently it’s the 20th anniversary of Little Earthquakes, here’s my favorite Tori Amos… Read More


Because thinking about starving kittens actually made me a little sad, I just donated some money to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. Now maybe some actual kittens will be rescued and fed and given to good homes…. Read More

How Extraordinarily Subtle Online Self-Promotion Is Done

Two days into Tor.com’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards voting, and my novel Fuzzy Nation is doing just fine — it’s number nine in the Best Novel listings at the moment, so thanks. But I gotta tell you, the… Read More

Help Out Diane Duane (And Get A Cool Book or Two)

Writer Diane Duane writes some cool fiction, some of which is available in eBook format. Her bank account recently got cleared out by scammers, and while her bank will eventually credit her for the money, right now she’s… Read More

The Big Idea: Daniel O’Malley

There’s an observation, made by humorist Robert Benchley, that says that a man may do remarkable things, so long as it’s not the thing he’s supposed to be doing at the time. Daniel O’Malley has put that into… Read More

I’m DJing a Dance at Capricon XXXII, or, BWA HA HA HA HA HAH HA

Last year, when I was the Guest of Honor at Capricon XXXI, I made the offhand and not especially serious comment that I would come back the next year and DJ their 80s dance for them. To which… Read More

Clarion Workshop: Now Accepting Applications for 2012

Hey, weren’t you just saying to yourself, “Damn, I wish I could take part in an awesome, intensive six-week workshop in science fiction and fantasy, taught by amazing writers like Jeffrey Ford, Marjorie Liu, Ted Chiang, Walter Jon… Read More

Tor.com Reader’s Choice Awards: Nominations Open!

Irene Gallo, who rules Tor.com with an iron fist (no, no, really, she’s awesome) has let me know that the site has started the 2011 edition of its Reader’s Choice Awards, and they want you to nominate in… Read More

Fantasy Films 2012 and (Separately) 3D

This week over at FilmCritic.com I’m answering mail and talking about the fantasy films of the year I’m looking forward to, and what it means that Hollywood is re-releasing some of the 90s’ most popular films to theaters… Read More

Finally, Something From Facebook Worth Posting

My kid is awesome. I’m not afraid to say it. (Yes, my kid has a Facebook account. No, please don’t try to friend her. The account’s for family and friends she knows in real life, not random Internet… Read More

How I Feel About New Hampshire

Meh. Romney’s going to win it, someone else will come in second place (why not Huntsman?) and then it’s on to South Carolina, where Romney will win it and someone else will come in second place, wash, rinse,… Read More

The Big Idea: Marissa Meyer

Fairy tales have been around for centuries — and will be around for centuries because their core stories are adaptable to changing times and circumstances. If you doubt this, take a gander at Cinder, author Marissa Meyer’s new… Read More

Good Morning, Moon

The world wakes up with you! Taken just before sunrise. Thought it would make a nice change.

This Would Be Difficult To Do With eBooks

Enjoy the non-CGIness. Ganked from here.  

I Has a Duh

Today is just one of those days when my brain leaves a note that says “Unnnnnnnnghhh” tacked to the mental corkboard in my head, and then is out for the rest of the day. I spent most of… Read More

One Additional Thing For You to Consider For a Hugo, Not From Me

This: I believe the correct category for this would be “Best Related Work,” and it’s related, obviously, because it was inspired by (and commissioned by me for) my novel Fuzzy Nation. Paul Sabourin and Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo (otherwise… Read More

Today is a Day to Spend Mostly Away From Teh IntarWeebs

At least here it is. You might disagree YOU WRONG PERSON FULL OF WRONGY WRONGNESS. See all y’all tomorrow.

From a Universe in Which Ukuleles Drop, Semi-Randomly, From the Sky

Not a bad cover version, either.

In Which I Meet Some Authors

Because it amuses me, allow me to recount my encounters with authors before I was a published author. * At 10 (I know it was this age because it was the age I broke my leg), a moderately… Read More