This Evening’s Political/Philosophical Question

So, if Mitt Romney gets a larger share of the popular vote in Michigan’s primary, but due to the state’s apportionment rules, ends up tied with Rick Santorum in the number of delegates he gets from the state,… Read More

The Big Idea: Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams is thinking about the entertainment media of the future in his latest novel The Fourth Wall, and despite all the technological advances that have been made in entertainment — and are yet to be made… Read More

Turkish OMW Cover

That’s a pretty cool cover. It’s for the Turkish edition of Old Man’s War, which is titled Yaşlı Adamın Savaşı, which is pretty much a direct translation of the English-language title as far as I can tell. I… Read More

Oscar and China Thoughts

This week at FilmCritic.com I post my thoughts on the Oscars — and whether I now consider Oscar winners Hugo and Midnight in Paris genre films — and also do a follow up on last week’s thoughts on… Read More

Cudo Stupidity Followup

Regarding that oblivious Australian online retailer Cudo, co-owned by Microsoft and Channel Nine, that offered a cheap reader bundled with a CD full of hot, piping stack of copyright violations, it looks like there’s some positive movement. Here’s… Read More

Birthday Song

For my pal Deven, whose birthday is today. He likes Steely Dan! And so do I. Also, I got him a pony. Boy, are they hard to mail. Just so you know.

SFWA Is Redirecting Amazon Links From Its Site

Come find out why (the short answer: Amazon is fighting with publishers again and in the process hurting writers). Comments turned off here, per my usual practice regarding SFWA notifications.

The Big Idea: Chad Orzel

A couple of years ago physics professor Chad Orzel (and his dog Emmy) endeavored to explain physics to humans with How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. That book went on to become a worldwide success, with translations… Read More

Genuinely the Stupidest Thing I Have Seen on the Internet in a Very Long Time

Australian bargain site Cudo, apparently co-run by Microsoft and Channel Nine, offers for an e-reader for sale, complete with a CD of 4,000 written works, the purported titles of which are here. If that title listing is correct… Read More

My Day

Has been spent doing publicity for the Italian release of Old Man’s War, which has meant three e-mail interviews. Question present in each interview: “Hey, isn’t Scalzi an Italian last name? Are you Italian?” Why yes. Yes, I… Read More

Outgoing SFWA VP Mary Robinette Kowal Endorses Rachel Swirsky For VP

You may read her reasoning here. I am running unopposed for President (again) (again), but the Vice Presidential race has two candidates, Rachel Swirsky and Lou Antonelli, both of whose candidacy statements SFWA members may see here. As… Read More

The Lifespan of a Silly Argument

I’m reading this New York Times review of The Lifespan of a Fact, an unusual book by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal. On each page of the book is a paragraph of an essay D’Agata wrote about the… Read More

2012 Oscar Prediction Post Addendum

Every year when the Oscar nominations are announced I make predictions in the top six categories (here’s this year’s), and then closer to the ceremony I (if necessary) tweak my initial guesses. This year I need to do… Read More

Why It’s Nice to Live in a Small Town

Because when Mike passed away this last week people in town knew and cared. My daughter’s powerlifting coach showed up at the door with a condolence card for Athena signed by every member of the team. The local… Read More

Oh, Hey, a Redshirts Giveaway From Tor.com

They have five to give away. Want one? Go here and leave a comment. You’ll be entered. And then you might win. US only. I know. Sorry, rest of the world.

E-Mail Note + General Status Update

First the e-mail note and then the update. E-Mail: Between travel to Boskone last weekend and my father-in-law’s passing this week, lots of e-mail got past me this week. I’m catching up on it today, but if you… Read More

The Big Idea: Robert Jackson Bennett

What does YouTube have to do with the vaudeville theaters that used to pepper the United States — and what do either have to do with Art (yes, with a capital “A”)? These are excellent questions, and in… Read More

Offline Today

Last night was the visitation for Mike, my father-in-law; today is the memorial service. I’ll be spending my day with family and friends, remembering Mike and celebrating his life. You’ll see me here again on Friday, I think…. Read More

Shadow War of the Night Dragons Wins Tor.com’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Award

I’m delighted to say that my overt and tasteless vote-mongering campaign involving kittens worked the people have spoken, and they have graced my short story “Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue” with… Read More

China, Hollywood, 3D

Would you like to know how a semi-obscure trade decision made by the government of China means that you are likely to have more big, expensive 3D science fiction and fantasy films in your future right here in… Read More