In Which Author Nick Harkaway Sits For An Interview of a Very Specific Type, or, What Authors Use Twitter For

It started with a standard publicist e-mail, letting me know author Nick Harkaway was available for interviews in conjunction with the upcoming release of his new novel Angelmaker. Is he? I thought? Is he really? To the Twitters!… Read More

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans: Suggest Your Nominees, Please

The Nebula Awards nomination period is rapidly coming to a close (it ends on February 15) and there’s about five weeks left to nominate works for the Hugo Awards (including the Campbell Award). As I am involved in… Read More

Three Musical Prompts for Your Monday

They are: 1. Patrick Nielsen Hayden is not only a Hugo-winning editor over at Tor, and my editor, but he’s also a damn fine guitarist, and plays in a rootsy rock band known as Whisperado. That assemblage of… Read More