16 thoughts on “Let’s End the Whatever Programming Day With a Picture of a Cat

  1. WHAT(ever) now concludes its broadcasting day….fade to ‘Star-spangled Banner’.

    I wonder if kids would ever believe us if we told them there was a time when TV didn’t run 24/7.

  2. @The Other John

    When I tell elementary school kids that during tours of the submarine I work on, it takes them a fair bit to swallow it, usually. Though the idea that in WWII, almost no one HAD a TV(or a CD player, or video games, or cell phones, or iPads, and that there were only 3-4 TV stations) seems to also help.ram the point home.

  3. Whatever Programming Day sounds like something the new college grads do in the server room. It would take a cat to keep those guys in line. (I am reliably informed that “guy” is now a non-gendered word.)

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