Congratulations, Washington

The latest state to legalize same-sex marriage! That is, as soon as the governor signs the bill, which she’s said she plans to do. Meanwhile, back at the Scalzi Compound: Me: Washington just passed same-sex marriage! How is… Read More

The Return of Con or Bust

My friend Kate Nepveu has pinged me to remind folks that this year’s Con or Bust auctions are soon to begin — these are auctions of cool science fiction and fantasy related stuff, with the funds raised from… Read More

Agnosticism Without Pain

Slate (reprinting from the Financial Times) has a story on how difficult it is to be an atheist in the United States. I read the piece with the same attitude that I have regarding most pieces about how… Read More

The Santorum Solution

Wow, I gotta tell ya, I really suck at prognosticating this GOP primary season. Just this weekend I mentioned how it was a two-man race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, and here it is Wednesday and Rick… Read More

The Chronicle of a Super Bowl Weekend Success

Over at FilmCritic.com this week, I look at the success of Chronicle in the theaters over Super Bowl weekend, and what lessons, if any, we may glean from its box-office topping performance. Hint: there are lessons to be… Read More