The New Book: 24 Frames Into the Future

Here it is: The cover art is by Dan Dos Santos, who is the Artist Guest of Honor here at Boskone. It and the book are quite nice looking. One thing you can’t tell by looking at this… Read More

The Obligatory Picture Out the Hotel Window, Boston Style (+ Boskone Schedule)

There you have it. In other news, here I am in Boston, a little early for the Boskone convention, which starts tomorrow. If you live in a hundred mile radius and are not there, we will have words…. Read More

The Big Idea: Bruce Schneier

Do you trust me? And if so, why do you trust me? And what do you trust me for? “Trust” is an interesting term, with some simple definitions, and others that aren’t so simple. Or so Bruce Schneier,… Read More