Boskone Update, Saturday


Friday at Boskone hummed along nicely — got to have lunch with Bud Sparhawk, SFWA’s treasurer, fine writer, and all-around good guy, sat in the bar and said hello to folks as they came in, did a panel on reboots that I think went very well, and then hung out in the bar, at the opening Boskone reception and at the SFWA party. I did a lot of socializing, I did. Somewhere along the way I blew out my voice, so this morning I’m being quiet as the proverbial dormouse, since a SFWA business meeting, an interview, a book release party, a panel, a kaffeklatsche, and then an evening event. Yes, Boskone is getting their money’s worth out of me. But I’m having a good time, so I won’t complain. We’ll just see whether or not I’ll have to resort to hand waving by the end of the day.


14 Comments on “Boskone Update, Saturday

  1. Boskone could provide printed signs, and you could hold all your panels like an INXS video. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  2. Hand waving could work you know. “these aren’t the vocal cords you’re looking for”

    snicker, snicker 8^D

  3. Hallucinate, desegregate, mediate, alleviate

    Yeah, that could be interesting to see.

    regarding Boskone in general: Have fun storming the castle!

  4. You could go the Hawking route and have your laptop speak for you while you type.

  5. Unrelated, but I’m right in the middle of your “Agent to the Stars” and felt the need to tell you I have audibly cackled several times so far.

  6. You are so the antithesis of the reclusive-writer stereotype, John. I know these public events can be exhausting but I suspect that you draw a lot from them as well. You so obviously enjoy interacting with people that even through the remove of the blog or other internet contact people consider themselves part of your circle of friends and feel possessive and protective of you. This creates loyal readers (and purchasers) but obviously carries risks as well which you clearly appreciate as you make it a point to separate personal from professional.

  7. I have a 150 gallon delivery of whipped cream for a J. Scalzi. Where would you like that?

  8. @Curt

    John (or a voice that said it was John) said that it would like the whipped cream placed in the bathtub. Just pile the containers in the corner after emptying them.