Boskone, Briefly

 I was planning to do a long recap of Boskone this week, but in a general sense my plans for the week have been upturned due to my father-in-law’s death. Nevertheless I wanted to make sure I made… Read More

Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars: Audie Nominated

So, here’s some good news for me today (and hey, I can use some good news at the moment): My books Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars have both been nominated for an Audie Award. The Audies… Read More

This Year’s Nebula Awards Nominations

Of all people in the world, I think I’m allowed to use the official SFWA press release for this directly: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is proud to announce the nominees for the 2011 Nebula… Read More

Michael Blauser, 1945 – 2012

Mike Blauser is my father-in-law, and this last Saturday he passed away. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this and about him, later, when I’m not up late from travel and when I’ve had time to… Read More

Sunday Update

Boskone still awesome. Voice still shot. Currently drinking Throat Soother tea. Have reading at one.  Should be interesting or at least raspy. How is your Sunday?

Boskone Update, Saturday

Well: Friday at Boskone hummed along nicely — got to have lunch with Bud Sparhawk, SFWA’s treasurer, fine writer, and all-around good guy, sat in the bar and said hello to folks as they came in, did a… Read More

Not Being Able to Scrape By With $200k Is Usually Your Own Fault

Gawker, that great engine of social egalitarianism, points us to an article in Toronto Life about the Canadian 1% and how they try to get by in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. The implication is that even with $196,000,… Read More

The New Book: 24 Frames Into the Future

Here it is: The cover art is by Dan Dos Santos, who is the Artist Guest of Honor here at Boskone. It and the book are quite nice looking. One thing you can’t tell by looking at this… Read More

The Obligatory Picture Out the Hotel Window, Boston Style (+ Boskone Schedule)

There you have it. In other news, here I am in Boston, a little early for the Boskone convention, which starts tomorrow. If you live in a hundred mile radius and are not there, we will have words…. Read More

The Big Idea: Bruce Schneier

Do you trust me? And if so, why do you trust me? And what do you trust me for? “Trust” is an interesting term, with some simple definitions, and others that aren’t so simple. Or so Bruce Schneier,… Read More

It’s the Little Details That Mean a Lot

My pal Mark Nevin (former guitarist/songwriter for Fairground Attraction, now solo artist) has a video out for his song “Oh Mama.” It’s a sweet song about how moms are pretty great, so that’s nice (and true!), but I… Read More

Why You Will Never Be Rid of Star Wars

In case you were wondering. I explain it at FilmCritic.com this week. Go — and may the Force be with you. ALWAYS.

A Song Appropriate For the Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, you crazy kids. (The band, incidentally: First Aid Kit. The song is off this album.)

Big Idea Submissions Update

For all of you waiting to hear if I have Big Idea slots through April: I have your e-mails and will (hopefully) do all my scheduling through April tonight and tomorrow. Don’t panic! Yours, JS

Playing With Camerabag 2

I use Flickr to host most of the pictures that are here on Whatever, and one of the nice perks of Flickr is its integration with Picnik, an online photo editing suite with some nice features and filters…. Read More

The Big Idea: Stephen Deas

When is a dragon not a dragon? The answer is: almost never, because, dude, look at them. They’re totally dragons. But as Stephen Deas found when writing The Order of the Scales, the third book in The Memory… Read More

Quick Capricon Recap

Well, I had fun, in any event. I’ve already detailed my DJing experience, so I won’t go over that again, except to say it was Friday and today is Monday, and I’m still sore, and, clearly, old. But… Read More

Reminder to SFWA Members: Nominate for the Nebulas

I’m gonna put on my “President of SFWA” hat for a moment (it’s a beanie!) to remind SFWA members that there’s only a couple of days left to get in your nominations for this year’s Nebula Awards (as… Read More

Not Dead

Just had a long day traveling back from Chicago. See you all tomorrow.

How the Dance Went

It went pretty well. I DJ’d for four and a half hours and danced for almost all of that time, and as a result that the moment my knees are sending me angry messages that they want a… Read More