My Library Event in Bradford

It went well, I thought. First, we had a surprising (to me) number of people show up for an event on 10:30 on a Saturday; I don’t mind telling you I was skeptical that anyone would show up… Read More

Christopher Priest Appears in the Comments

And leaves an interesting and explanatory comment on his decision to write on the Clarke Award selections this year. The comment is here, and I commend it to folks wishing to have further context to what has become… Read More

Fuzzy, Interrupted

Let’s say we’ll finish this up on Monday, shall we? Okay then.

SFWA Members: Nebula Voting Ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm Pacific Time

So go and vote. It’s a great slate this year so you have excellent work to choose from. And once you’ve voted, tell every other SFWA active and lifetime active member you know to go vote as well…. Read More

Quick Christopher Priest Follow Up

Yes, I know, two follow-ups in a row! Some days are like that. But I thought if you were interested that you might enjoy some of the other commentary on Christopher Priest’s Clarke Award Cane Shaker, so here… Read More

The Movie Junkies and Plagiarism: Follow Up

The Movie Junkies site, which featured scads of movie reviews plagiarized from other movie critics, is at least temporarily down; right now if you go there you get the notice you see above, “Maintenance Mode,” apparently being a… Read More

Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Genders, Pets, Humans and Wil Wheaton

Here we are at Day Three of Ask a Fuzzy! First, Papa Fuzzy explains how to tell human genders apart, even though fuzzys are a genderless species: Next, a question about pets, and a shout-out to a friend:… Read More

The Big Idea: Helen Lowe

When Helen Lowe sat down to write The Gathering of the Lost, she thought she knew what the big idea of the books was going to be. But as it turned out, the book had other plans for… Read More

Christopher Priest Shouts at Clouds

Or, more accurately, at the nominees for this year’s Clarke Award, and the jury which selected them. Mr. Priest, for those not aware, is a science fiction and fantasy writer most famous (in the US, anyway) for The… Read More

Athena and Her Tool For the Zombie Apocalypse

I mean, aside from her bow, which she is in fact pretty good at. This thing is for close work, should it come to that. In the meantime it can used for any construction work we have around… Read More

Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Alien Probes, Paul & Storm, Movie Casting, Interspecies Erotica

Papa Fuzzy’s back and he’s got more answers to your questions! First, he digs into the issue of alien probes: Then, a critical evaluation of Paul & Storm’s “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” song, written for the release of… Read More

Dear The Movie Junkies: Plagiarism is Still Not Cool

My pal Maryann Johanson wrote a review of the movie Shame on her site The Flick Filosopher on January 16. Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote: What is shocking about Shame is the male vulnerability, the male… Read More

The Big Idea: Elizabeth Bear

Dear world: Elizabeth Bear is awesome. Range of Ghosts is her new book. This is her big idea. Also: She is awesome. That is all. ELIZABETH BEAR: There’s nothing new under the sun in epic fantasy, or so… Read More

John Carter and Hunger Games: The Postmortems

The Hunger Games is a smash. John Carter is a flop. Is there anything these two films can teach us about how science fiction films can and should be made and marketed? Over at FilmCritic.com, I offer up… Read More

Bud Webster: Recipient of the 2012 Service to SFWA Award

From our press release: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America would like to award Clarence Howard ‘Bud’ Webster the 2012 Service to SFWA Award for his outstanding work on behalf of the organization. Bud has had… Read More

Dude. Whoa.

On one hand I wonder how many takes each of these stunts took. On the other hand, I couldn’t do any of this no matter if I had a million takes, so, really, I should just shut the… Read More

Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Fur, Ewoks, Immigration, Hands

And now, without further ado, the first batch of answers from Papa Fuzzy: First, a question about fur: And now, thoughts on Ewoks: Ruminations on immigration: Finally, a curious question about hands: Wanna ask Papa Fuzzy a question?… Read More

The Big Idea: Anne Lyle

Alternate histories are popular, and they’re fun to write. But for the author of such works, there is the occupational hazard of reimagining the world in a way it’s been reimagined before — discovering that you’re not the… Read More

Today is Fuzzy Nation Paperback Release Day!

Here’s Papa Fuzzy, proudly showing off the paperback edition of Fuzzy Nation, which is available here in the US and Canada now now now now. You can tell he’s mightily pleased that book is now available in a… Read More

Redshirts Sneak Preview at Tor.com

The headline says it all: If you go over to Tor.com — and register there — you can read the first couple of chapters of Redshirts, to whet your appetite for the full release on June 5. If… Read More