28 thoughts on “It’s Hat Day At School

  1. That is defnitely a hat. Any other functioning it might do beyond being a hat would be severely limited.

    As far as I can tell you would not be able to drink soup from it, decapitate a statue by means of it or take a feather from it to tickle one’s associates.

    You might be able to dangle it over feline observers, but I doubt if the warranty covers that evenuality.

  2. Wonderful hat! I almost always wear a hat and that’s just how I started out… I’m 60 now and a fan of the Red Hat Society. She has so much to look forward to and I hope she keeps it up.

  3. That is a splendid hat! I’m sure all the other kids will be properly intimidated and jealous of yet another display of Athena’s awesomeness.

  4. A marvelous, a wondrous hat!

    Also, she looks really HAPPY to be wearing it, which makes it even better.

  5. “[Girl] walks down the street in that hat… people know [she's] not afraid of nothin’.”

  6. Hee. The other day we wandered around the Nob Hill area here in ABQ, which sports both a lovely comics shop and a (mostly vintage) costume shop. In the latter of the two, Rosie tried on her very first jester’s cap. It was too cute.

    Athena: also very cute! But segue-ing into very lovely. That’s a beautiful smile.

  7. That is a very sweet picture. But Scalzi, if she has you for a father, we know she is much more than sweet and wears the jester’s hat with oomph and panache. I can’t believe you had to tell me about taping bacon to your cat for me to find out about Whatever. Always an enjoyable visit.

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