15 thoughts on “Internet is Down at the Scalzi Compound

  1. … Hey, I have an idea for your Reader request week. I think you could call it : “The joys of posting updates from your phone”.

  2. When you get back: The Bloggess linked to this; hearteningly reminiscent of Athena’s “Skullcrusher Mountain” illustration, though the spelling needs work.

  3. You know, it’s not such a bad day to be off-grid, particularly if you’re already well-supplied with the necessary libations. Just kick back, relax, and yell “Scalzi go bragh!” at passing motorists.

    Advisory note: painting a cat green is contraindicated.

  4. You call your place a compound? Is it more Kennedy or Koresh? Meaning, does it have a problem with the rampant sexual abuse of women? Wait, that works for both Kennedy and Koresh.

  5. Take your daughter outside tonight… been a lovely sky show. Venus and Jupiter were shining brightly earlier, and Mars is putting on its best the last few nights… for its savior John Carter I presume.

  6. It’s just temporary. When the dentist drilled into his head on Friday, it damages the tuning of his jawbone internet transceiver; it takes about 36-48 hours to retune.

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