Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?

Well, then. Here you go. Enjoy it.

Reader Request Week 2012 #5: Them Crazies What Live in the Woods

Joe Beernink asks: What do you think of the prepper/survivalist/sovereign citizen movements in the US? Complete nutbags? Grains of reason, seasoned with nutty goodness? Or are they three steps behind you already? Do you have plans for various… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #4: Future Doorknobs or Lack Thereof

Molnar asks: It appears to be a near-universal assumption by science fiction writers, directors, and producers, that there exists a set of precipitating events leading to our complete abandonment of doorknob technology. Do you share this assumption? Would… Read More

WordPress Apparently Messing With Commenting Ability

Folks: Over the last few days I’ve been getting people complaining that WordPress isn’t letting them comment because it says their e-mail address is associated with a WordPress account, and they need to sign in at WordPress, etc…. Read More

YA Lit and Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

Over at FilmCritic.com, I’m jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon and discussing why it is that some of the most successful science fiction and fantasy films of the last decade just happen to be adaptation of young adult… Read More

And Now the Reverse Angle

Sunrise, March 21. And the predicted high for the first full day of spring? 83 degrees. Wheeee!