Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?

Well, then. Here you go. Enjoy it.

28 Comments on “Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?

  1. Goggie!

    [as a young relative of mine would put it]

  2. >Want a picture of….

    Oh, hell yes. Thank you.

    I’ve been reading comments on a different article that you,
    JS, moderated and I thank you for this pic, and except for
    my saying that I’ve nothing to say I’ve nothing to say about
    to many of the commenters.

    Note to self: plan to find out if person has a picture book I
    can buy.

  3. YAY! A dog pic to put a close to a long day. I wanna pet her and rub her and stroke her and call her George…

  4. Didn’t know I wanted a picture of a dog, till I saw this.

    Handsome Dog, and the image catches her expression so well. Well done to the photographer.

  5. I miss having a dog in the family. Thanks for sharing yours.

  6. Awwwww….

    Also…wow. Is the grass in Ohio really that green right now? Instead of being insanely jealous, I will console myself with the thought that you will have to mow your lawn before I do.

    Cold (literally) comfort.

  7. Thank you John, I just got home from an awful day and this picture is just delightful! Bad mood partially abated.

  8. Yeah. That’s a dog.

    Can we have a cat, too?

  9. Have you considered a book of photos of your fur-family? They have quite the fan base.

  10. Considering how good the soil and grass can smell to my own pitiful human nose, and how exceedingly stronger a dog’s sense of smell is in comparison, and the chilled out, spaced out look in her eyes… could she be imbibing in the doggy version of ‘grass’? Ahhhh, the best stuff.

  11. You want to reach out and scritch those ears. What a sweet dog. I miss having pets…sometimes.

  12. Good Dog! She’s thinking good dog thoughts…

  13. PeterM says:
    March 22, 2012 at 12:18 am
    >Also…wow. Is the grass in Ohio really that green right now?
    >Instead of being insanely jealous….

    1) My side of the block, no, but soon : (
    2) Opposite side, they’ve already had to mow.
    3) Western side, shaded, no.
    The other three sides of my block? I haven’t noticed.