Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Genders, Pets, Humans and Wil Wheaton

Here we are at Day Three of Ask a Fuzzy! First, Papa Fuzzy explains how to tell human genders apart, even though fuzzys are a genderless species: Next, a question about pets, and a shout-out to a friend:… Read More

The Big Idea: Helen Lowe

When Helen Lowe sat down to write The Gathering of the Lost, she thought she knew what the big idea of the books was going to be. But as it turned out, the book had other plans for… Read More

Christopher Priest Shouts at Clouds

Or, more accurately, at the nominees for this year’s Clarke Award, and the jury which selected them. Mr. Priest, for those not aware, is a science fiction and fantasy writer most famous (in the US, anyway) for The… Read More