Redshirts ARC Giveaway at My Bradford Library Event This Saturday

Just a reminder to folks that this Saturday morning I’ll be doing an event at the Bradford Public Library, where I’ll be talking about the life of a writer, reading from some upcoming work and enjoying “Space Refreshments,”… Read More

Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Intro

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 27) sees the Mass Market Paperback release of Fuzzy Nation in the US and Canada, and to celebrate, we thought we’d do something a little different. Perhaps this short video will explain: That’s right, ask… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012: Recap

Just in case you missed any of the entries from this year’s Reader Request week: Here they are! Reader Request Week 2012 #1: Snark and Insult Reader Request Week 2012 #2: Would I Lie to You? Reader Request… Read More

Sunset, 3/24/12


And Now, the Taiwanese Cover to Old Man’s War

Because didn’t you want to see it? Even if you didn’t know it existed? Sure you you did. If you happen to live in Taiwan, you’ll be able to get this on the 30th. That’s soon!

The New Phone

I noted on Twitter the other day that I had upgraded my phone from my Droid X to a Galaxy Nexus, which precipitated a rash of queries about the phone and what I thought of it (and also… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #9: Writery Short Bits

You all asked writer-related questions this week; here’s a compendium of short responses. Madely: Comics books: Do you read them, or if not did you used to read them? Any favourites? And would you ever think of writing some?… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #8: Short Bits

And now, the questions I’m answering quickly. These are unrelated to writing; I’ll do the writery short bits tomorrow. Puss in Boots: Why do you think so many Americans avoid spaying and neutering their pets, even when they… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #7: My Complete Lack of Shame

Jeremy G. asks: You seem to be a person that is comfortable with himself and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about what someone else thinks of him. I picture you being that guy that goes on the… Read More

Yes, You May Reprint “A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds”

I’m getting a number of requests to reprint “A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds,” so I checked in with the doctor on this. The doctor replied that the intent of writing the piece was to have it go as… Read More

Zeus, Apparently Stoned, Comments on My New Tech

“Whoa, dude, is that your new phone? Looks pretty rad, man. Hey, got any ‘nip? I could totally go for some right about now.” In other news, yes, I got a new phone: a Galaxy Nexus. And yes,… Read More

A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds: Now on Jezebel

Those of you miffed that I closed up the comment section to the “A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds” entry will be happy to know that the piece has been reprinted in its entirety on Jezebel (they asked permission,… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #6: The Cool Kids Hanging Out

Lance in Huntington Beach asks: Wil Wheaton just Tweeted Chris Hayes about Rachel Maddow. Why is it that everyone I follow on Twitter, watch on TV or read seems to know one another? Is the world really that… Read More

The Big Idea: Stina Leicht

A fantasy novel is not a place one generally expects to find a good car chase — but then, why not? Fantasy takes on more forms than simply swords and sorcery. To that end, in her latest fantasy… Read More

Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?

Well, then. Here you go. Enjoy it.

Reader Request Week 2012 #5: Them Crazies What Live in the Woods

Joe Beernink asks: What do you think of the prepper/survivalist/sovereign citizen movements in the US? Complete nutbags? Grains of reason, seasoned with nutty goodness? Or are they three steps behind you already? Do you have plans for various… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #4: Future Doorknobs or Lack Thereof

Molnar asks: It appears to be a near-universal assumption by science fiction writers, directors, and producers, that there exists a set of precipitating events leading to our complete abandonment of doorknob technology. Do you share this assumption? Would… Read More

WordPress Apparently Messing With Commenting Ability

Folks: Over the last few days I’ve been getting people complaining that WordPress isn’t letting them comment because it says their e-mail address is associated with a WordPress account, and they need to sign in at WordPress, etc…. Read More

YA Lit and Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

Over at FilmCritic.com, I’m jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon and discussing why it is that some of the most successful science fiction and fantasy films of the last decade just happen to be adaptation of young adult… Read More

And Now the Reverse Angle

Sunrise, March 21. And the predicted high for the first full day of spring? 83 degrees. Wheeee!