Today is a Good Day For A Sunset Picture

So here you go. Enjoy.

Reader Request Week 2012 #3: Why I’m Glad I’m Male

The entry on Whatever immediately previous to this one makes this next Reader Request question all the more relevant. It’s from Sarah, who asks: Why are you glad to have been born male? What do women get to… Read More

Guest Post: A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

A friend of mine is a physician who wants to speak about transvaginal ultrasounds but whose position makes it precarious to speak publicly about it. So I’m letting this doctor borrow my site for an entry to speak… Read More

The Big Idea: Nick Harkaway

You never know what you’ll find when you go to the cafe down the street — that is, if you take Nick Harkaway’s word for it. His latest novel Angelmaker owes a debt to what he found in… Read More

Spring is Here, Spring is Here

The bees wish to inform you that Spring has commenced. They may be ever so early (the Vernal Equinox is actually tomorrow at 1:14 am Eastern time), but that’s bees for you. Industrious as heck, they are. I… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #2: Would I Lie to You?

The next Reader Request question, from Brian H., in e-mail, who asks: Do you lie? Do you lie often? Do you regret lying? The answers: Yes of course; define “often”; no, not usually. The “yes, of course,” is… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012 #1: Snark and Insult

Let’s go ahead and get Reader Request Week started, shall we? To begin, this question from SMQ: You have a well-earned reputation for snark and the art of the thought-out-but-blistering retort, but unlike many you usually seem to… Read More

Today’s Picky Language Question

In today’s New York Times “Wedding and Celebrations” section, this headline: The question: In a male same-sex wedding, can either partner actually be said to be “bridegroom”? There’s a technical issue with the word, to wit, a notable… Read More

Internet is Down at the Scalzi Compound

And the idea of posting entries from the phone does not excite me. See all y’all tomorrow.

I Have To Go Get My Head Drilled By a Dentist, So Here’s Mandy Moore Covering Joan Armatrading

I figure half of you are saying “Who is Mandy Moore?” and the other half are asking “Who is Joan Armatrading?” SHAME ON YOU ALL. The video is slightly embarrassing for Ms. Moore, as videos so often are…. Read More


I’m sorry.

The Big Idea: Peadar Ó Guilín

A number of years ago I interviewed two survivors of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which in 1973 crashed in the Andes and then remained lost for 72 days, forcing the survivors of the crash to eat… Read More

Octavia Butler and John Clute the Recipients of SFWA’s Solstice Award

SFWA’s Solstice Award, given to recognize those “who have consistently had a positive, transformative influence on the genre of science fiction and fantasy,” is this year being given to Octavia Butler and John Clute. SFWA’s press release on… Read More

Reader Request Week 2012: Get Your Requests In!

51 weeks a year, I write here on whatever topics I want to write about, because, hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. But one week a year I write here on whatever topics… Read More

Movie Math and Science Fiction Films

This week over at FilmCritic.com, I do math — and discuss why it is that movies, in order to make a profit, have to make so much more than they cost to make. This is a real problem,… Read More

A Quick Review of Myself on “Alien Encounters”

Generally? I was fine. I think I may need to blink slightly more often to avoid looking crazy. But otherwise I think I was okay. And I didn’t mess up my science! Which, frankly, was a relief. I… Read More

The Big Idea: Lissa Price

Costco isn’t just a place to pick up a 36-pack of toilet paper or to snack on free, tiny spears of sausage, it’s also a place where you might just also pick up an idea for a novel…. Read More

I’m Doing a Library Event in Bradford, March 31

So, this would have been high on the list of Things I Was Not Expecting To See when I drove into my local library to drop off a copy of 24 Frames Into the Future for their collection:… Read More

See Me On Television This Tuesday

And not as part of America’s Most Wanted! This time! Rather, I will be on Alien Encounters, a two-part show whose first part is airing in the US on Tuesday at 10pm on the Science Channel. Here’s a… Read More

I’ve Apparently Invented the Word “Assnard”

This very day! I was using it to refer to the homophobes popping up in the Kirk Cameron thread, who apparently think I’m going to let their bigoted, contentless ravings clutter up the site. Assnards. Anyway, now you… Read More