Last Two Days to Nominate for the Hugos

As the Toastmaster of this year’s Worldcon, I feel it is incumbent upon me to remind you that you have only until Sunday, March 11, 2012, 11:59pm Pacific, to get in your Hugo (and Campbell!) Award nominations in… Read More

Tor is Looking for a Senior Publicist

I don’t generally post job ads on Whatever, but on the other hand I think the people in the Tor publicity department are generally awesome people, and they’re looking for a new senior publicist who gets the kind… Read More

It’s Hat Day At School

Here’s Athena’s hat. Definitely my kid, ladies and gentlemen.

What Does a SFWA Election Ballot Look Like?

It looks like this. This is the one that was sent to me in the mail the other day; most SFWA members should have likewise received theirs in the mail in the last couple of days (or will… Read More

The Big Idea: Seanan McGuire

Two years ago, Seanan McGuire found herself crowned with the Campbell Award as the best new writer in science fiction and fantasy; a year after that, writing as Mira Grant, she found herself nominated for the Hugo for… Read More

The Collusion Case Against Publishers

I was asked what my thoughts are about the US Justice Department telling Apple and five major publishers (including Macmillan, where my Tor books are published out of) that it plans to sue them for collusion regarding ebook… Read More

Speech and Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, former child star and current subscriber to an apparently particularly uneducated brand of evangelical Christianity, is shocked and appalled that when he makes public statements on a nationally-televised talk show about homosexuality (and thus, the people… Read More

Lopsided Cat Would Like to Welcome You to Whatever’s 7,000th Post

“Hello, you talking monkey things. I have been informed that we have arrived at the occasion of the 7,000th entry on Whatever, and that as is custom with you incomprehensible monkey things, this occasion must be marked with… Read More

He’s Not Winning, He’s Just Not Losing

Super Tuesday come and gone and Romney is doing what Romney apparently does, which is gather to delegates to himself in the least impressive way possible. It takes a special presidential candidate to outspend his main rival four… Read More

The Big Idea: E.C. Myers

Fair Coin, the debut novel is from E.C. Myers, is about wishes, and the complications that come from getting your wishes granted. This is interestingly coincidental for me because just the other day I was talking to my… Read More

Red Planet, Red Ledger

Disney is hoping John Carter will be a monster hit, but to do that, the film has another monster to slay: A two-decade-long terrible track record of films with Mars or Martians as a primary plot point. I… Read More

How Red Shirts Are Like Bacon

As I am soon to be releasing a book called Redshirts, people are now taking it upon themselves to e-mail me, or tweet me, or send messages via Facebook, G+, etc, any thing that relates to the “red… Read More

The Big Idea: James Renner

It’s not easy to write a time travel novel — all those timelines to keep track of, to start — so when you set out to write one, to whom should you turn for inspiration? James Renner knows;… Read More

Tomorrow’s Ohio Primary

A question from the assembled masses: Are you voting in tomorrow’s Ohio primary? No. I’m not a Republican (I’m registered as unaffiliated), and I’m not inclined to “make mischief” and vote for someone just to sabotage the GOP’s… Read More

Working Schedule Activated

I’m now elbows-deep into the current project, the one I am giving the public (but entirely unrepresentative) title of The Spank Chronicles, Part One: The Spankening. I’ve been working on it for a bit now, but we’re in… Read More

Going to Comic-Con

They’ve finally announced it, so I can finally announce it: This July I am a special guest at Comic-Con in San Diego. I’ll be there doing panels and other exciting excitingness, I’m sure, including some things I can’t… Read More

Scalzi in Italian

Look! An interview with me in Italian! I should note that I did not actually read or answer questions in Italian because like most lazy Americans, I am tragically monolingual. The rest of the world does not appear… Read More

Oh, Hey

I’m taking the weekend off. See you Monday.

The Sky, Morning and Afternoon

This is what the sky looked like in my world this morning: This is what it looked like this afternoon: Not a bad dynamic range, I’d say.

Nebula Award Voting Open + Nebula Voters’ Packet

A Notice for SFWA members about Nebula Voting (and here I’m nicking directly text from SFWA’s site): From March 1, 2012, to March 30, 2012, 11:59pm PDT, SFWA Active members may vote on the final ballot for the… Read More