May/June Big Idea Update

For the Big Idea, I’ve now scheduled all of May and all but the last three slots of June. If you queried about May but haven’t heard from me, a) sorry, I thought I got responded to everyone,… Read More

Barnes & Noble & Microsoft

People are asking if I have any thoughts about the just-announced partnership between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft in the eReader market. My major immediate thought about it is: Oh, good, a robustly-funded competitor for Amazon in the… Read More

My New Toy, 4/30/12

It’s called a tenor guitarĀ (specifically this one). Which means that it’s a guitar, but it’s got four strings, and naturally those four strings are the highest ones. It’s also tuned like a ukulele, which means that all the… Read More

And Now, My Penguicon Guest of Honor Bio

As many of you know, this last weekend I was Guest of Honor at Penguicon, the open source and science fiction convention, held this year in Dearborn. I was asked for a bio to put in the convention’s… Read More

Traveling Home

Keep yourself amused; I am heading back home. More updates to come when I get back. That is all. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves whilst I am away.

I’m Busy Today, So To Keep You Amused, Here’s a Clip of Me on Oprah in 1996

Yes, it really happened. I was on the show to rebut the women who wrote that odious book The Rules. No, I was not actually AOL’s Relationship Columnist; Oprah’s people made that up. Yes, that is a very… Read More

Industrial Toys and Me

So, here’s a bit of secret news that I can now share with you: I’m part of the team at Industrial Toys, a new video game company that’s going to be bringing some jaw-droppingly awesome games into the… Read More

View From the Hotel Window, Dearborn Edition

It’s not the most interesting view I’ve had outside my hotel window, but the “halo” effect by the reflection of the camera lens by the glass is kind of interesting. And the hotel I’m actually in, the Regency… Read More

Redshirts ARC Winner + Other RS News

Yesterday’s Redshirts ARC contest is over. The word I was thinking of was “abundant,” which no one got. However, Dave Danielson did guess “absurd,” and since that word shares the first two letters in common with “abundant,” I… Read More

The Big Idea: Chuck Wendig

One day, an unwelcome and unsavory character started stalking Chuck Wendig. Well, maybe not so much stalking him as Wendig suddenly becoming aware that the dude was there, has always been there, and wasn’t going away. Who was… Read More

And That’s How We Finally Found Jimmy Hoffa

Okay, so Jimmy Hoffa isn’t probably actually in my back yard. But a lot of landscapers are, doing some heavy duty landscaping with back hoes and tractors and stuff. This is how I know I’m a grown-up: I… Read More

I’m Giving Away an ARC of Redshirts, April 25th Edition

And all you have to do to win is guess the word I am thinking of RIGHT NOW. I have told it to Krissy, so she will make sure I do not change my mind. It’s a relatively… Read More

Prognosticating the Summer SF Movie Hits & Misses

Contrary to what you may have heard from those Stark people, Summer is coming, and with it a whole stack of science fictiony films, some even not based on comic books! Over at FilmCritic.com, I go through the… Read More

Redshirts eBook to Be DRM-Free From Day One

By now, you have probably read that Tor Books (along with the other divisions of Tom Doherty Associates) will be releasing all their eBooks DRM-free by July of this year. But some of you have wondered what that… Read More

Tor/Forge to Go DRM-Free By July: Immediate Thoughts

This is pretty big publishing news: Tom Doherty Associates, an imprint of Macmillan and the publisher of most of my science fiction work, has announced they plan to ditch DRM (Digital Rights Management, i.e., the stuff that keeps… Read More

The Big Idea: Suzanne Johnson

Fantasy novels can and do take place in the real world — and when they do, there’s a special responsibility the writer has to reality just as much as to the fantasy she places within it. So former… Read More

Of Interest Primarily to Norwegians

Regarding the upcoming publication of Old Man’s War in the country of Norwegia, or “Norway,” as it is more commonly known, among the vulgar. It’s here. And in Norwegian, suitably enough.

Cat, Computer, Cola

Three necessary items for the production of the written word. Well, actually the cat’s not strictly necessary. Unless you ask the cat about it. In which case the cat’s the only necessary thing. In other news, I am… Read More

Sunday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

A photo of me waiting in the Green Room of the Bovard Auditorium before the “Nerds Will Inherit the Earth” panel at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which along with me featured Pamela Ribon (who took… Read More

Saturday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Saturday was a pretty good day at the LATFoB. The weather was gorgeous and the place was packed with people, and I wandered around looking at the booths and the books. I met Libba Bray for the first… Read More