11 thoughts on “Your Friday Music

  1. Every time I hear this song, all I can think of are Victoria’s Secret models because of that damn commercial…

  2. Well, the video was awesome. Except I feel like I only caught glimpses of a bigger story. Which makes me want to experience the part I’m missing, to get the whole story…

  3. Awesome song & video. The video was free on iTunes last December, when I picked it up. (And the song was free on iTunes back in October.) I’ve gotten a lot of quality out of the “free each week”, though there’s a large variance in that “quality” curve.

  4. I LOVED the video. If I could make the ALL CAPS appear larger for emphasis, I would. I wasn’t able to appreciate the music as much do to the poor quality of my computer speakers.

  5. I present a dissenting opinion. The music did nothing for me and relies too heavily on the visuals for meaning and depth. The visuals may be from a TV show, but if they are I hope the show credits James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series since the sequence is exactly how that all starts out. For all I know that is what this video is based on – I haven’t had a TV since 1992, so don’t know about TV any more (and thankful for that).

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