Dear Consumers Who Apparently Think the Current Drama Surrounding eBooks is Like a Football Game

Please stop, seriously.¬†You’re driving me a little bit nuts. Amazon is not on your side. Neither is Apple, or Barnes & Noble, or Google, or Penguin or Macmillan. These are all corporations, not sports teams, and with the… Read More

Daisy in the Yard

She certainly can be photogenic, when she makes an effort. This particular picture captured by the cell phone, incidentally. The camera on it isn’t bad in a pinch.

Look! A Spontaneous Podcast!

In which I answer questions from Twitter! About God Engines, Fuzzy Nation, Redshirts and whether or not I will wear a dress to Worldcon. About 17 minutes.

Reminder: I’m Guest of Honor at Penguicon in Two Weeks

If you’re within three states of Dearborn, Michigan and wondering what you’re going to do with yourself on the weekend of April 27 -29, I have an idea: Why not hang out with me at Penguicon 2012, America’s… Read More