Whatever: Now With Extra Added Comment Preview

At the request of many, I have, with the help of the folks at WordPress, enabled a comment preview button here. So now you may check for typos, errors, and bad html coding in your comments before they go live. You’re welcome, and I hope you enjoy your Whatever feature. Try to use it only for good.

Also, let me know if you find any problems with the feature; I’ll try to get the dealt with as soon as possible.

There was slight fiddling with Whatever’s theme as part of getting the feature to work. Don’t panic, I’ll gussy the place up again later today.

I’d like to thank Thorsten Ott at WordPress for doing all of the heavy lifting on this; he was extraordinarily helpful, and that helpfulness is but one reason why I am delighted that Whatever is housed on WordPress’ VIP service.

Go ahead and try the preview on this very comment thread, if you like.

52 thoughts on “Whatever: Now With Extra Added Comment Preview

  1. Wow, this will makes life as we know it so much better. Thanks – I think. Now to see if I cna prieviw thsi comtnet.

  2. “Try to use it only for good.”

    I am suddenly seeing a “comment preview” button that lets you preview the comments that your own comment/thread will generate. Which will, of course, quickly allow trolls to tailor their comments for maximum offense.

  3. I think, based on a casual perusal of some prior threads, somebody owes John a kingdom…as in ‘my kingdom for a comment previewer’ kind of comments.

  4. Thank the gods…

    Oh, look, a preview and a post button. I look forward to your tweets the epic fall of hubris that feature engenders.

  5. This is a test comment. This is only a test.

    Well, at least I’ll know ahead of time that something doesn’t work.

    (Typos insert themselves.)
    OneTwo This is a test demonstrating that list functions still don’t work.
    Infant with emotional whipsaw stolen from Mr. Branson.

    This concludes this test. Had this been an actual comment you would have been directed to the nearest flame war. Thank you.

  6. Chris Sears,

    you forgot the “+ C”.

    BTW, does comment preview mean I won’t have an excuse for my multi-commenting?

  7. Now if we could only convince them to move the comments link to the bottom of the post where it belongs!

  8. This is great! Preview buttons encourage people to read what they wrote at least once before posting, which is good for encouraging more thoughtful comments. (Although, I think the quality of comments here at Whatever is pretty awesome already!)

  9. My supernova of joy is too great for physical expressions to contain, so I am beaming it out across the astral plane.

    Go Team WordPress!

    @ Greg

    Thank the ever-loving gods. And thank John too. Wait. Was that redundant?

    I prefer to think of John as a Prometheus and Whatever as his rock…which would make use the eagles I suppose, now with improved eyesight.

    @ Ben

    I think, based on a casual perusal of some prior threads, somebody owes John a kingdom…as in ‘my kingdom for a comment previewer’ kind of comments.

    Ahem…*cough* Greg *cough*?

    @ Dave Branson

    Wow. I never noticed that. Does that mean I’ve been on a counterfeit version of Whatever?

    PolterJohn only appears to commenters that want to believe.

  10. somebody owes John a kingdom…as in ‘my kingdom for a comment previewer’ kind of comments.

    Very well, as promised, John may have my kingdom.

    It consists of nine neanderthal knights, eight aching archers, seven surly serfs, six stinking seneschals, five feudal fjords, four fractured fealties, three thin thinins, two terrible tartans, and a hobble hoofed horse in a pear tree.

    email me a shipping address (freight cannot deliver to PO box) and it is yours.

  11. Dear WordPress: Two things. First, a giant thank you for the preview, which is working great (and with LaTeX! :big dumb grin:) Second, the page presented to the user when not logged in is confusing. It looked like you wanted me to log into my email provider account, and were asking for the password to that. A rephrasing of the request — I’ll suggest “Please login to WordPress using either your WordPress username or the email address WordPress assoicates with that username, with your WordPress password.” — should be sufficient.

    ps. tiny bug; the preview pain puts a linebreak in the first line as if the “Post Comment” box above the line was an end-of-line mark.


  12. As someone who has asked for this feature before, can I just say it’s really nice to see it appear at Whatever. I suspect your mod load will be reduced, from having to kill fewer botched posts. Very nice.

  13. @scorpius There is no +C with a definite integral!!!!! I discovered that LaTeX works on WordPress about one month after I started my math/teaching blog on Blogger.

  14. Wagathon asserts: “Al Gore is sort of the chief propagandist.”

    LOL … Al Gore is *so* 20th century, eh Wagathon?

    Modern-day climate-science has shifted to distributed authorship, in which interdisciplinary/multinational teams ranging from eighteen up to seventy-eight persons — and soon many more persons than that! — assume responsibility for honestly, openly, and responsibly fostering a scientific climate-change consensus.

    The new system for scientific consensus-building is superior, eh Wagathon?

    One reason is, this new, strongly team-based consensus-building scientific method serves to defeat demagogic astroturfing shibboleths, ain’t that right?

    \scriptstyle\rule[2.25ex]{0.01pt}{0.01pt}\,\boldsymbol{\overset{\scriptstyle\circ\wedge\circ}{\smile}\,\heartsuit\,{\displaystyle\text{\bfseries!!!}}\,\heartsuit\,\overset{\scriptstyle\circ\wedge\circ}{\smile}}\ \rule[-0.25ex]{0.01pt}{0.01pt}

  15. As an FYI for future endeavors: Replying to a comment thread where the last comment is more than a year old is not likely to get you the results you want.

  16. Pooh, Dixie suggests “Kindly review “Plate Tectonics”.”

     … whose effects have been utterly negligible during the 1.5M years (a very short geologic time!) since Megalodon became extinct.

    It is a wonderful pleasure to enlarge your scientific understanding, Pooh Dixie!

    \scriptstyle\rule[2.25ex]{0.01pt}{0.01pt}\,\boldsymbol{\overset{\scriptstyle\circ\wedge\circ}{\smile}\,\heartsuit\,{\displaystyle\text{\bfseries!!!}}\,\heartsuit\,\overset{\scriptstyle\circ\wedge\circ}{\smile}}\ \rule[-0.25ex]{0.01pt}{0.01pt}

  17. As a follow-up, Princeton graduate student Will Sawin did post the best answer to the MathOverflow question What is the “tangle” at the heart of quantum simulation?. Sawin’s answer is partial, for the excellent reason that the “tangle” has a tensor-product nature, and we are (at present) very far from appreciating the confluence of arithmetic, algebraic, combinatoric, computational, informatic, analytic, metric, and symplectic (whew!) aspects of tensor products.

    Conclusion  The foundational role of tensor-products in computer science was a key theme of FOCS 1973, and is today a key theme of FOCS 2013, and bids fair to be a key theme of FOCS 2053 … and in the event that humanity avoids various historical singularities both good and ill, perhaps even FOCS 2103. :)

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