I’m Giving Away an ARC of Redshirts, April 25th Edition

And all you have to do to win is guess the word I am thinking of RIGHT NOW.

I have told it to Krissy, so she will make sure I do not change my mind.

It’s a relatively common word in English, not some weird technical term or anything.

Here’s how it will work:

1. First person to guess the word wins.

2. If no one guesses the word, then whoever thinks of the word most like the word I’m thinking of (via process of elimination through the “Word Find” function of the Chrome browser) wins. If two people think of the same word (or alternately a different word with the same letters), then whichever is first wins. Note that my decision of what word ends up being closest to the word I am thinking of ┬áis non-contestable.

3. One guess per person. Don’t bogart the dictionary.

Contest open until 12pm Eastern time, April 26th.

So: What word am I thinking of RIGHT NOW?

828 Comments on “I’m Giving Away an ARC of Redshirts, April 25th Edition

  1. Bacon. You’re clearly thinking about the wonders of bacon.

  2. Bacon.

    (Thereby guaranteeing I won’t win the contest.)

  3. “Now.” It’s hard not to think of a word while you type it. Unless you can keep two words in your head simultaneously I’m pretty sure you were thinking the word you were typing . . . no matter what you told Krissy! :-)

  4. I’m going to guess the word is, “Ocean.” My original guess was going to be “humahumanukanukaapoa’a” but “Ocean” seems more expansive.

  5. bogart? because I don’t think it’s a real word :)

    Also, there were two ‘RIGHT NOW’s in the post, so there could technically be two words that’ve been thought of.

  6. Damn, I just got “in English” which I think was the clue.

  7. I checked and it hasn’t actually been guessed yet:


  8. Breezy.

    Been windy here in Ohio for the last week or so. Of course, you weren’t here that whole time, so perhaps that connection is weak.

  9. I’d like to say “now” is the word, but I’m going with “winner”. You are thinking of “winner” right now.

  10. united

    (I would have guessed “red hat” but that’s two words, seeing as how today is the anniversary of the founding of the Red Hat Society. Kind of ironic, really.)

  11. There are how many words in the English language, and you want us each to have but one guess?

    Very well:


  12. mayonnaise – who decided that was a food?

  13. Nuts… someone got “expendable”. I guess I’ll go with “Energize!”.

  14. Guppy
    (Sorry if it’s double posted, I didn’t see it after my first try)

  15. All these guesses and no one has said, “bird”? Don’t you guys know that bird is the word???

  16. “Shiny”.

    Also, it amazes me how many people aren’t reading the comments to be sure their selected word wasn’t guessed yet. :-/

  17. BTW, someone already grabbed “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Dammit! Frackin’ homesteaders already got the good words!

  18. Antidisestablishmentarianism, bitches!

  19. Green.

    Also: Wow, lots of Mary Poppins fans here tonight.

  20. I’m guessing it’s probably not “horsecock”.

  21. New guess: Vermillion.

    I scrolled too quickly and missed that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious had already been used.

  22. Stare (brought to you by the “Nerds” Book Fair panel :P)

  23. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis (the longest word I know). Though the earlier guess of “word” is excellent.

  24. String, or nothing!

    Ooops, sorry. Wrong riddle.

  25. Be. I was going to say churro, but you said English. You’re still probably thinking of churros too.

  26. coleslaw (I was going to say CokeZero or schadenfreude but others beat me to it)

  27. Right. Because really, it is hard to type RIGHT NOW without thinking the word right right then.

  28. Crewman

    For future reference, when you say “word,” we’re playing by Scrabble rules, right? No proper nouns and/or names?

    [My other guess, of course, was “Your hands … or nothing.”]

  29. I am firmly convinced it is “extraneous” or something like that. Maybe.

  30. Shingle? It’s a relatively common word in “english” if you anagram it. :)

  31. food. Isn’t that what folks are thinking of often?

  32. Dammit, scrolled too fast and missed that a couple other people already guessed my word. I revise my guess:


  33. This is really just a scam. You see, John used up his supply of words halfway through a new novel and instead of going to the words store to get a fresh supply he just had us fill up his old words cartridge for him. Devious, ain’t he?

  34. “Hump” . . . as in “hump day” of course. Git yer mind outta the gutter!

  35. “Word”. You know – in case it’s a trick question.

    (Although if it’s not, then I’m going with “wheee!” just because it makes everything better.

  36. Since you told it to Krissy, I’m guessing: love. AWWW.

  37. Given the number of responses, I’m going to assume all the “regular” words are taken, so I’ll guess “Cupola”.

  38. Given the codename your latest secret project, I guess: “spank”

  39. It’s “pudding” of course.

    I’m glad the major publishers are finally starting to embrace the future^H^H^H^H^H^Hpresent by giving up on DRM. Maybe they’ll even catch up to small, innovative publishers like baen if they adopt an eArc model. It’s kinda hard to understand why major publishers won’t take the large baskets full of money that rabid fans are willing to pay to get their favorite books a few weeks early. I’d also think that this would help to cut down on piracy. I know that I’m most tempted to pirate a book when there are scanned ARCs floating around weeks before the eBook release.

  40. Slartibartfast
    (You know, the guy who designed the fiords of Norway before Earth got demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass). Well, that is the word I always think of when someone says “think of a word!”

  41. Diminutive. As in “never use a long word when a diminutive one will do.”

  42. Contest open until 12pm Eastern time, April 26th.

    I always get confused when this comes up. Does 12pm mean midnight or noon?
    and if it means midnight, is it the midnight between April 25-26 or April 26-27?

    If we haven’t hit the deadline yet, I’ll put my entry in:


    No, wait, don’t say that out loud or you might turn someone into a moldy banana. Except for one child who will be cursed to always smell of freshly baked banana bread, but never have any.

    I’m going to submit my official guess as “helicopter”

  43. Obviously, one Mr. John Scalzi thinks of the word “protuberance”. Like, a whole lot. Not just some partial lot.

  44. beauty, as “I look at Krissy I see beauty in motion”.

  45. Milk

    I hate these kinds of contests. I read your post, ‘Milk’ pops into my mind, so I have to look at 500+ posts to see if somebody guessed ‘Milk’. Milkshake was close.

  46. dicks

    Or maybe it’s just me always thinking that….

  47. Read.
    as in, to read REDSHIRTS.
    *fingers crossed*

  48. Coke

    If i think you have a word in mind and you think about that word when you read this post, was the word than half in your mind already? Or does that kind of thinking only apply to cats?

  49. Highly unlikely, but I’m gonna go with hairball.

  50. Theophany

    Because “Theophanic Attunment” is my favorite phrase.

  51. hello.

    This IS the word you’re looking for. :waves hand:

  52. Since you obviously had to think about Krissy when you did this I’m guessing

  53. ululate , as in, if this is the word, I will ululate with joy!

  54. “Meh”… this actually was my second guess after “Cabbage Farts” which would make a great album.

  55. Society (I actually think it’s “Hat” but someone beat me to it…

  56. Expendable!

    Sorry if that’s a double; I looked quickly and did not see it posted prior.

  57. landscape – also Ctrl-F will pull up a search on most browsers so you can see if your word has already been used

  58. there are hundreds of thousands of words comprising the entirity of human language. From simple letters purposed as defined words to foreign phrases consolidated to make words comprised of more letters than the alphabet. however, the word floating around your head and told to your wife is, likely. If it isnt the word, then i have failed in my mission to win an ARC of Redshirts. I can, however, claim small victory because i know what word is in your head RIGHT NOW. What word is that? likely

  59. Bacon was already guessed, so I’ll have to go with cat