Away For the Day

Because I will be at the LA Times Festival of Books and also hanging about with pals. Not that you’re not my pals. I love each of you as if you were my best friend since Kindergarten. But… Read More

My Day at Webb

As part of my visit to Los Angeles, yesterday I went to my high school Alma Mater, the Webb Schools of California, to talk to the students and to give a reading. Webb, for those of you not… Read More

Quick Note to Everyone Waiting to Be Scheduled for May/June Big Ideas

I’m a bit behind and traveling at the moment, and will slot stuff in when I get back home. So, Monday/Tuesday. Sorry for not doing it a little earlier; I suck.

The Big Idea: Justin Jordan

I was a 98-pound weakling — until I read this Big Idea by Justin Jordan about his comic book, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode! And just look at me now! JUSTIN JORDAN: You can blame The Strange… Read More

There’s Something On the Wing

So this happened while I was on an airplane. Probably best told with the actual tweets. Seriously, this Tristan Salazar fellow apparently just whipped that out in 20 minutes using his iPad. Yes, I am envious. And also… Read More

My Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Schedule

I’m going to Los Angeles this weekend to (among other things) participate at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which you should come to, because it’s totally free for you. Here’s what I’ll be doing: Saturday: 1pm:… Read More

Your Kickstarter Promotion Thread

I promised a thread for you to promote your Kickstarter projects, and — behold! — here it is. This is where you can share with my up to 50,000 daily readers what you want to do that they… Read More

Happy Birthday, Kristine

It’s my wife Krissy’s birthday today, and she is as fantastic as ever, and I am as flummoxed as ever about how I’ve managed to be able to live my life with someone who is as clearly and… Read More

Speaking of My FilmCritic.com Column…

…It’s coming to an end soon. My final column there is scheduled for May 9th. In a nice bit of symmetry, my first column for AMC/FilmCritic.com was May 8, 2008, so I will have written the column for… Read More

Killer Films, Jedi and Battleship

This week at FilmCritic.com, I go through the mailbag to answer questions about the science fiction films we would want to show aliens if we wanted them to annihilate us, why the film Battleship has already sailed into… Read More

Tax Day Sunset

Don’t spend this sunset all in one place.

The Big Idea: Bradley P. Beaulieu

Do you like a little gray — that is to say, moral complexity and ambiguity — in your fantasy? Author Bradley Beaulieu is a fan of it, not only in his writing, which includes his latest novel The… Read More

Whatever: Now With Extra Added Comment Preview

At the request of many, I have, with the help of the folks at WordPress, enabled a comment preview button here. So now you may check for typos, errors, and bad html coding in your comments before they… Read More

Starred Review of Redshirts in Booklist

This makes me rather pleased: Booklist’s reviewer was thrilled with the book and the magazine gave it a star, which means they consider the book to be of special note. You’ll need to be a Booklist subscriber for… Read More

Head’s Up Re: Kickstarter Promotion Thread on Wednesday

By way of making a tangential connection to the last post, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently about people who have Kickstarter things going on asking if I wouldn’t mind putting in a pointer of some… Read More

Catching People Up On What I’m Writing

I’ve been talking a bit about the new project I’m working on here and on Twitter the last couple of days, which has led to folks peppering me with questions about it. I’ve answered these questions before but… Read More

DRM On My Books

Question in e-mail today: I have your books on my Kindle. As an author, would it bother you if I stripped the DRM from the ebook, to read it on another ebook reader? Or should I buy another… Read More

And Now, An Insight Into One Writer’s Brain

So, here’s what my brain says to me when I write a certain amount of words of fiction in a day. 500 words (or less): YOU DO NOT GET TO EAT YOU WORTHLESS TOAD. 1,000 words: You’re a… Read More

Saturday Is For Things and Stuff

Can’t play today; I’m busy trying to finish up a writing project, and then I have things to do and stuff to take care of. Or is it stuff to do and things to take care of? I… Read More

Your Weekend Reading: The 2012 Short Story Hugo Nominees

As you may have heard, the nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards are out, and I am nominated in the Short Story category for my completely ridiculous April Fool’s tale “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book… Read More