The Sky Right Now

Yeah, it’s pretty wild at the moment. Also, the panorama photo function on my cell function seems to be working.

Oh, And DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional

By the United States Court of Appeals for the First District. Details here; actual ruling here. And off it will go to the Supreme Court at some point in the not too far future. My lawyer friends tell… Read More

And Here’s an Industrial Strength Woodchipper for You

And yet Steve Buscemi is nowhere to be found. Probably just as well. What’s being fed into the chipper are not my enemies (so far as you can prove) but the fallen limbs of the increasingly wan Bradford… Read More

A Cool Million

As of about right this very second, Whatever’s stats package recorded a million views this month. Thanks for visiting, folks. Come again.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts

Many of the reviews of Redshirts note it, and the original subtitle of the book (which you can still see on the Amazon page for it) points it out explicitly, so I thought I’d write a little something… Read More

Redshirts Reviews to Start Your Morning

Good morning! The Redshirts reviews are coming in more quickly now, which makes sense as we are less than a week away from release. Here are three new ones for you: 1. Alex Knapp of Forbes offers up… Read More

Possibly the Most Squeetastic Review I Will Ever Receive

It is here. I am pleased the reviewer got so much out of the book; she is very much the audience for it.

Dayton and College Graduates

The New York Times comes to visit Dayton, whose metropolitan area I am (barely) a resident, and to use it as a poster child for the sort of formerly prosperous manufacturing city that is now fighting to retain and… Read More

7th Grade is Over. Now It is Time to Eat Frosting With a Spoon

What? It is not customary in your tribe to eat frosting with a spoon upon the completion of the 7th grade? Strange tribe. Strange customs. We will keep ours.

And Now My Favorite Track From the New Garbage Album

It’s “Big Bright World”: The whole new album is pretty darn good, I have to say. I’m a Garbage fan since the first album, and there’s not really an album of theirs I don’t like. They pretty much… Read More

The View From Today’s Workspace

It’s too nice to stay inside. Here’s the front porch with dog, cat and computer. How is your work day going?

Some Administrivia Regarding The Site

This is one of those housekeeping posts, mostly of interest to me and the perhaps three people out of the entire audience who give a crap about the fiddly things I do to the site. Hello, fellow OCDians!… Read More

The Big Idea: Mark L. Van Name

Contrary to what the Beatles once said, love is not all we need. But it’s still high up there on the list. What does this have to do with No Going Back, the latest science fiction novel by… Read More

Redshirts Contest Winners, Reviews and So On and Such

To quickly catch up on a number of things relating to Redshirts: 1. Congratulations to Troy Zimmerman, the winner of the Redshirts fan art contest, with the very amusing picture you see above (click on it for a… Read More

Introducing “Redshirt: The Theme to the Novel ‘Redshirts'” by Jonathan Coulton

Yes, Jonathan Coulton wrote me a song to go with my book. Here’s all you have to do: 1. Listen to the song (because it’s awesome). 2. Go to Tor.com’s final Journey to Planet JoCo installment to read… Read More

Redshirts at Wired’s GeekDad and GeekMom

Today Redshirts gets a double dosage of geek parental attention at Wired.com: GeekDad runs an interview with me about the book, in which I talk about writing about red shirts and the role of humor in science fiction,… Read More

Planet JoCo Nears Its Climax

The wife just came into the room and said: “I am doing things today. You are going to help me. There’s a lot of stuff. It will take up most of your day. Say goodbye to your Internet… Read More

The Class of ’12 Flings Their Caps Into the Air

Because, you know, high school. Done with. Somewhere in there is my niece. It was a good day for her and for the family.

Graduation Song

Away from the Internets for most of the day because my niece Cecilia is having her high school graduation ceremony. See you all tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s “The Paper Chase,” one of my favorite graduation-themed songs, from… Read More

Musical Synchronicity, Of a Certain Miserable Sort

It may just be me, but I think the lead characters of these respective and currently popular songs deserve each other. Listening to the lyrics will help to explain why.