A Quick Plug for 4th Street Fantasy Convention

As I have recently posted my Redshirts tour schedule, many of you know that I will be doing a stop at the Uncle Hugo’s book store in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 23rd. But I will also be at… Read More

Amanda Palmer, Kickstarter, and Everything

Today’s question from the mailbag: Any thoughts on the success of Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter drive? Unsurprisingly, I have several. First, as background: Musician, creative person and delightfully weird human being Amanda Palmer put up a Kickstarter page to… Read More

The Big Idea: Paolo Bacigalupi

Paolo Bacigalupi has made a name from himself — and garnered a shelf full of awards including the Hugo, Nebula and Printz — by taking a hard and not always comfortable look at the logical progression of today’s… Read More