Almost Certain to Be My Next Author Photo

Because, honestly, now. Why wouldn’t it be. Terrify yourself with an even larger version.

In other news, I’m taking the weekend off. Clearly I have plans. See you all on Monday.

39 Comments on “Almost Certain to Be My Next Author Photo

  1. Look! Over on the Couch! It’s Scalziman!

    He can scare small children with a single strum!


  2. BTW, you and the bear forming a group?

  3. John it is wonderful. It’s probably too late to get it on Redshirts isn’t it? Have a great weekend John. See The Avengers if you get a chance. As much as I thought I’d enjoy it, it turned out so much better than I expected.

  4. I already had a headache (thank you, brain/spine MRI), and then you had to go and post that? For shame, sir!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. >scorpius: “you and the bear forming a group?”

    Uh huh. I wanna hear John and Papa Fuzzy singing harmonies together : )

  6. I never was a fan of your author photo in The Android’s Dream. This photo makes you look much friendlier I highly recommend more photos like this.

  7. Why are you playing a tenor guitar?

  8. I can’t help but notice that delayed third installment of Papa Fuzzy Q&A never materialized…

    I think he needs to get his furry little immigrant butt back in front of the camera before INS gets an anonymous call. Dance for your humans, alien slacker, dance!

    John, have a great weekend. I’m going for a bike ride tomorrow and hiking on Sunday before central Texas gets hotter than Venus in summer.

    When you get back, I found this via Mad Mike’s blog. Is this related to you:

  9. Fuzzy! And shouldn’t that be “plans”?

  10. You wouldn’t be planning to head over to Indianapolis for Mo*Con would you?
    Mary being the GOH and all.

  11. I think it’s just calling out for a caption contest.

  12. @Robin: my question was directed to Pappy Fuzzy.

  13. This photo reminds me of the worst thing on Saturday morning TV when I was a kid: bad kinescopes of Burl Ives singing “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” I think it’s the hat. So thanks for that.

  14. Oh fuzzy man, how do you do things you do?

  15. It’s like a scene from a 70s era kids’ show. Only a local show, but probably a major market.

  16. Is the name of your next band “Tiny Hirsute Horror-Doll”?

  17. … and if so, will Papa Fuzzy get his own billing?

  18. You’re the one on the right, right?

  19. That picture of you reminds me of this Carlin bit about being “more than happy.”

  20. This photo is just begging to be photoshopped into one of the most disturbing album covers of all time. I’m thinking Contemporary Pagan music for children, but it’s hard to pin down a genre.

  21. The combination of the minty green tones with the chocolate and terra cotta colors is very harmonious.

  22. Are you guys singing the theme from, “Free To Be…You and Me”?

  23. A friend let me read “Old mans war” a couple years back and I found it to be most immensely entertaining. I picked up Zoe’s Tale last night finished it this afternoon with tears of joy in my eyes. After finishing the acknowledgements I simply wanted to send you a thank you and also to say, BRAVO SIR! Bravo!!

  24. Has no-one here realized that Papa Fuzzy in this photo is actually alive, like Chucky? John’s expression is a grimace of fear as he tries to placate the demonically-animated beast with his soulful guitar playing!

    Get your family out of the house, John. And run! When you come back, bring a shotgun!

  25. Almost is the key word here. I would bet that your lovely wife and daughter had some input into squelching this picture. As regards your comment “Everonone loves a jaunty hat” no… not everyone. Your inciptient march toward baldness inspires those of us who are a) older than you, and β) and less bald than you into believing that we are studs in and of our own rights :P

  26. Since people are asking about what you are playing as a duo, may I guess “Living After Midnight”? ;-)

  27. Glad to see that the Scalzi house has signed on to the Uke-lear Non-Proliferation Treaty…

    All I can see when looking at the photo (and remembering the footage from “Oprah” that showed up the other day): “Fred Rogers, the Next Generation”

  28. It looks to me like John is about to Eat PF’s brains.

  29. Every time I see this photo, I’m reminded of John Taylor in Duran Duran’s “Save A Prayer” video. I think it’s the hat.