The Big Idea: Joseph Nassise

Zombies are the chocolate. World War I is the peanut butter. In By the Blood of Heroes, Joseph Nassise is the guy who puts them together. How does it taste? JOSEPH NASSISE: I always swore I’d never write… Read More

Still Life With Cat, Fuzzy and Redshirts

This mostly to establish that my first finished hardcover copy of Redshirts has arrived at the house. It looks fantastic, I have to say. And no, you can’t have it. I only have the one. It goes to… Read More

Best Mutant Cookies Ever

What was waiting for me when I got in at 1am: If you can’t read the note, it says: “Happy birthday!! We made you B-day cookies but mommy messed it up bad. The love is there. Mommy &… Read More