21 thoughts on “BuzzFeed Catches Up With What I’ve Been Saying For a Couple of Years Now

  1. Ah, I see that the tweet that led to that is from Tom Merritt, co-host of Sword and Laser and one of the two people interviewing Saladin Ahmed when he said that. It’s getting out there now!

  2. It’s the beard more than anything. A friend once told me he saw my picture in Easyrider Magazine. I told him it didn’t happen and he brought me the magazine. There was a superficial resemblance, the full beard and the John Lennon glasses, but it wasn’t me. And the girl with him was blitzed out of her mind. You could tell by her flared pupils. I don’t ride bikes or wear the Harley gear, never have.

  3. ::buys hair dye and platform shoes, plans lucrative career impersonating Jonathan Coulton::

    But what if JC is doing the same? My head hurts…

  4. You’ll have to dye your glasses too. Interesting that you both wear glasses that match your beard color.

  5. John, have you ever been compared to a double somewhere? I had a double in college who had my own first name & his friends asked me why I was skipping His classes. Thanks for the great entry.

  6. Came to the comments to see if this was some cruel joke of John’s, putting up two pictures of Coulton and watching us wonder.

    Apparently not. My apologies to Mr. Ahmed.

  7. I’d characterize them as different variations of alcoholic beverages actually. Cream stout..Saladin Ahmed.. Winter Lager… Jonathan Coulton. Ponder it, won’t you?

  8. Johnathan Coulton is “JoCo”. Saladin Ahmed, being more compact, could be JoCoToGo?

    Look, I’ll just mallet myself. It will save time.

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