9 thoughts on “The Class of ’12 Flings Their Caps Into the Air

  1. Lif strand: for me life got easier, or at least a whole lot friendlier, after high school.

  2. Wish I was that age again, in spite of the tight job market and high cost of college. I’d join the Navy and let Uncle Sam send me on a world tour, while I learned a skill or three.

  3. I got to see the hat toss at West Point this year. An awesome sight.

    Cool :)

    I got to see my cousin at her Air Force Academy graduation a few years ago, but it was too late in the year to hit the slopes :(

    I missed my own HS graduation because I went to summer school every year so I could graduate two years early (not as impressive as it sounds since I started first grade a year ahead of most) and I would have had to go back the following spring when I was already at college on the opposite coast which would have conflicted with the summer internship I took on. Actually, I skipped my college graduation too because, meh, I just wanted the diploma so I could get out into the business world and wasn’t too keen on paying for a black robe to wear in the LA summer heat. I’ll probably skip my graduate school graduation next year because most of my classmates are younger than me.

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