If you’re a vegetarian, that is, because the standing freezer down there is now full with roughly 250 pounds of beef. Krissy went in with a co-worker on half of a locally bred and butchered steer, and her… Read More

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Notes

You’ll recall that when I lost my Mac and bought the emergency netbook, I also picked up a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inch tablet, on the rationale that, damn it, I was grumpy and I wanted a toy…. Read More

The Computers of Scalziland

Since the disappearance (and eventual reappearance) of the MacBook Air, and the emergency purchase of the most recent Acer netbook, there has been some curiosity in among Whateverians about the current state of electronics at the Scalzi Compound…. Read More

The Slowly Disintegrating Tree

One of the two Bradford pear trees in our front yard has been slowly falling apart since a chunk of it was blown down by the remnants of Hurricane Ike that blew through here a few years back…. Read More

Redshirts Tour Chicago Area Stop: Please Register!

Folks, if you were planning to come see me on the Redshirts Tour Chicago Area stop (it’ll be at the Indian Trails Public Library in Wheeling, IL), you should know that it’s a free event but that you’ll… Read More

The Redshirts Fan Art Contest Finalists: Vote For Your Favorite!

UPDATE: POLL IS CLOSED. I’ve finally had a chance to look at the entries for the Redshirts Fan Art contest, and holy crap, there was some magnificent stuff in there. It was difficult to narrow it down to… Read More

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff

For the big idea in her novel Silver Moon, author Catherine Lundoff looks at lycanthropy in the context of a “coming of age” story. What makes it unusual? Which age the protagonist of the story is coming into…. Read More

The Prodigal Computer Returns

Look! The MacBook Air! It’s back! I took a picture of it here with the Acer so you would know it wasn’t just me pretending to live in happier times. It arrived this afternoon, along with everything else… Read More

Final Notes For “Lowest Difficulty Setting”

It’s now been a week and a day since I posted the “Lowest Difficulty Setting” piece, and the dust around is finally beginning to settle, so a moment for some final notes on it before I let it… Read More

Redshirts Coming to the UK

We’re two weeks out from the US release of Redshirts, and I have some contracts in front of me, which means it’s a good time for some good news for those of you in the UK: There will be… Read More

Computer (and Other Stuff) Update: It’s Been Found! + ARC Giveaway

So first, the good news: My computer bag — and everything in it, including the computer, books and such — has been found. Turns out I didn’t leave it in the cab, I left it on the floor… Read More

Journey to Planet JoCo Still Alive + Reminder: New JoCo Song Coming in One Week!

Just a reminder that “Journey to Planet JoCo,”  my interview series with Jonathan Coulton, is still chugging along nicely at Tor.com. And today, in fact, we’re covering Coulton’s biggest hit to date: “Still Alive,” the theme song to… Read More

The Big Idea: Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson has created such amazing futures in his Mars books and others that it’s sometimes difficult to believe he doesn’t have a direct line to what comes next — a crystal broadband line, rather than a… Read More

Writer Beware Wins Blogging Award

The Writer Beware blog has been devoted for years to exposing scams aimed at writers, and now that work has paid off: The blog and its proprietor Victoria Strauss have won the Independent Book Blogger Award in the… Read More

“Lowest Difficulty Setting Follow-Up” Now on Kotaku + Comment on Comments

Hey, remember that time I wrote a piece on how being a Straight White Male means you’re running through life on the lowest difficulty setting, and that piece was republished on the video game news site Kotaku? Well,… Read More

The Temp Set Up

After I lost my MacBook Air last week, I still needed a computer to do work while traveling and also at home, since I was using the laptop as my primary computer. But I didn’t want to spill… Read More

My Last Few Days: A Quick Recap

As I think most of you know, I flew in to the DC area last Wednesday to take part in SFWA’s Nebula Awards Weekend, not only because was going to be an awesome time with awesome people, but… Read More

Nebula Awards Winners

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, of which I am the president, gave out its Nebula and other awards last night. Here’s what won, by whom, and who published it. Novel Among Others by Jo Walton (Tor)… Read More

“Space Doggity” and “The Future Soon” Q&A at Tor.com

I’m off today being presidential (which includes chairing the SFWA business meeting, having a couple of other meetings, and then being part of the Nebula Awards Ceremony), so I won’t be around here much today. While I am… Read More

Mass Author Signing (Including Me) At Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 5:30 to 7:30 TODAY

If you’re in the DC area today, and you love science fiction and fantasy, you have a fantastic opportunity: Dozens of science fiction and fantasy authors are signing their works today at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, from… Read More