In Today’s Very Important News

I have renewed my membership to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Which is good because, you know, I am president of that organization. And it would be awkward to be in arrears on membership. And… Read More

On to Louisville

And if memory serves, it will be the first time I am in that fine town. Looking forward to it. Will update later, once I arrive. Keep yourselves fitfully amused until then.

Health Care SCOTUS Ruling Reaction Thread

By now you know that the US Supreme Court has largely upheld “ObamaCare,” on a 5-4 vote. Here is the complete ruling. I am traveling today so I won’t have much to say on follow-up, but my immediate… Read More

The Rough Guide to the Universe on Google Play

Proof once again that often the author is the very last person to know about these things: the second (and most recently updated) version of The Rough Guide to the Universe, my astronomy book, is out and available… Read More

The Redshirts Tour Final Dates: Lexington and Louisville

As hard as it is to believe, the long, crazy Redshirts tour is finally coming to a close with two more events, one in Lexington and one in Louisville. After this I go home and have to, you… Read More

I’ll Be on the Patrick Phillips Show Tonight

The headline says it all (SEO mavens everywhere must be proud). Here’s the Patrick Phillips Show Web site, which will give you all the details, including how to listen to the show. You can even e-mail in some… Read More

Nora Ephron

Every time I see that some jackass out there is positing that women aren’t actually funny, I think about Nora Ephron and I laugh at their stupidity. Nora Ephron was funny, and was funny in multiple media, and… Read More

Because I am the Biggest Idiot in the Entire Idiotic History of Idiocy

I have left my MacBook Air at an airport. AGAIN. (sighs) Boy, I tell you, if I did not have a contractual work due, a family and people I love, a moral sense that recoils against self-abnegation and… Read More

My Exciting Life of Excitingness

Look! I’m at an airport again!  For those interested, my trip to NYC went very well. I came in primarily to be interviewed at the New York Times — no, not for a job (although if they ever… Read More

Off to NYC Once More

This time for interviews and business meetings. No public events, sorry. But if you see me walking about randomly, you know, because it’s so easy to spot individuals on New York’s uncrowded streets, be sure to say hello…. Read More

Not Bored With Me Yet, Are You?

No? Good. Here are three links for you. 1. The AV Club reviews Redshirts, offers some really big spoilers (so, you know, heads up) but also says this: “Redshirts pushes the limits of parody, then revels in the… Read More

What? I Am In An Airport Again? That’s Unpossible!

The good news is that I am going home. For about sixteen hours! I hardly know what to do with myself. See you all this afternoon.

The Effects of Tour Brain

At the Fourth Street Fantasy convention this weekend, friends and fellow writers have been asking me how I’m doing. My answer is “things are great, but I have tour brain.” To which they nod and offer me sympathetic… Read More

Running About Like a Crazed Squirrel Today

Between signings and panels and seeing real live friends. Please amuse yourselves until tomorrow. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Paul and Storm Have Made a Funny Video That is Funny For You Nerds

I’m pretty sure it obliquely references this piece of mine, incidentally.

I’m Traveling to Minneapolis Today, So Here’s The Replacements Covering “Cruella De Vil”

This is from the Stay Awake album, which is seriously one of my favorite albums ever.

This Weekend’s Adventures in Minneapolis

A reminder to all and sundry that I will be in the Minneapolis area this weekend, both to participate in the 4th Street Fantasy convention and also to do a signing at Uncle Hugo’s bookstore on Saturday. Here’s… Read More

How to Build a New York Times Bestseller (or Maybe Not)

A question from the gallery: Now that Redshirts has become a New York Times bestseller, to what do you attribute its success? Anything that could be replicated by the rest of us? To answer the second part first:… Read More

The Big Idea: Anne E. Johnson

When confronting the incomprehensible universe, it’s sometimes useful to have something to cart stuff around in. Simple, proletarian wisdom, or something more? Anne E. Johnson argues for “something more,” especially as it relates to her science fiction novel… Read More

And Now, Some One Star Reviews of Redshirts

As part of my continuing mission to remind authors and other creative people that there is nothing they will ever create that will be universally loved, here are some choice comments from one-star reviews of Redshirts, my current,… Read More