And In a Fabulous Ending to the Day

Wil Wheaton and I just won an Audie Award for the audiobook of Fuzzy Nation. That’s fantastic, and I am absolutely thrilled to share the award with Wil. He’s such a fantastic reader and friend. I should, like,… Read More

A Quick Followup to Today’s Redshirts Madness

Today has been flat-out the most interesting — and ultimately the most gratifying — book release dates I’ve had, and a lot of people are responsible for it. As a recap for the folks who need recapping: My… Read More

Three Reviews of RS

I’m no longer at the Javits Center with its horrible dystopian wifi, and after a small break I’ll be off to have dinner with friends. Because friends are cool that way. So to keep you busy, and because… Read More

What to Do If You Got a DRM’d Copy of Redshirts

Some retailers┬ádid not get the memo that Redshirts was meant to be drm-free and as a result some of you got drm’d ebooks. Well, we can’t have that. So if you got a drm’d copy, here’s what to… Read More

Reminder to Philadelphia: I AM COMING

Today and tomorrow morning I am doing Redshirts-related things at BEA here in New York City, but tomorrow evening, June 6 — at 6:30! — I will be at the Barnes & Noble at Rittenhouse Square for the… Read More

A Quick Bit of Customer Service re: Redshirts

Folks, I’m getting some feedback that some online stores are slapping digital rights management on Redshirts, which I am assuming is the fault of some apparatchik in the bowels of their organization not getting the memo. I’ve already… Read More

Redshirts: Now Out!

So, I have a new book: Redshirts. Today, June 5, is the official release day here in the US and Canada. If you are in the US or Canada, you may walk confidently into your local bookstore, say… Read More