20 thoughts on “And In a Fabulous Ending to the Day

  1. Congratulations! The book was great! I still plan to get the audio, too!
    See you in Houston!

  2. congratulations to you both. fuzzy nation is a wonderful book made that much better by wil wheaton’s narration. dithered between ebook & audio for redshirts, but the fact that he narrated it tipped the scales.

  3. You just wrote Redshirts and you’re worried about being too meta? I’m afraid it’s a bit late for that.
    I just finished reading it by the way. I enjoyed it. Definitely up to your usual standards.

  4. What Karl said; that “meta” ship has sailed.
    And as I said on Twitter, thanks for writing an immensely fun and satisfying book.

  5. Congratulations to both of you!

    I read all of Redshirts straight through this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever done that with a new book… See you in Pasadena!

  6. Too meta. People will say you’re in love. >;-)

    Seriously, congratulations to both of you. Great job.

  7. Recursive, I think, rather than meta. Meta would be if you summarized all the Wil Weaton naratives and had Wil narate

  8. Congratulations to both of you! Book was fabulous and the audiobook was extra special awesomeness. Shared it with my kid and introduced him to some Scalzi. He is now hooked on scalzi!

  9. Dude, I wrote a book to be published first as an audio book, then in print, so I could work with my favorite audio book company again and cast all my favorite actors. So you tell *me.*
    Tamora Pierce

  10. Up to Chapter 5 in the audiobook of Redshirts (yeah, I bought it on Day 1). You’d better keep a spot on the mantle for next year

  11. Hey, if Wil could read the line in Ready Player One about him and Cory Doctorow then I think he could handle reading a dedication to himself. In fact, I think you should do that.

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