Pictures from Yesterday

The fabulous Mary Robinette Kowal and me, slightly grainy, at my event yesterday. (Photo from Antmuzic)

And now me doing my best Mary Robinette Kowal imitation, with her hat and fan and sunglasses (note: it wasn’t a very good MRK imitation. It was however, a strangely passable Truman Capote imitation). (Photo from Milkdud148.)

Me and my dinner date, the generally spectacular Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). She’s awesome. (Photo from TheBloggess)

Hope you had a good Sunday, too.

9 Comments on “Pictures from Yesterday

  1. I thought you were trying for Kid Rock

  2. The Bloggess is awesome. And you know you would be less grainy if you cut back on the coffee and M&Ms, right?

  3. You met the Bloggess *and* Miss Kowal. Though I have often idolized you, I was never jealous of you until now.

    BTW, thanks for Saturday in Houston. It was a delightful talk.

  4. Mrs. Dr. Rocketscience looked just looked over my shoulder at that last picture and said, “Look, your blog hero and my blog hero, in the same photo.”

  5. You got to have dinner with JENNY LAWSON?!?
    Dude, you are living The Life.

  6. Hi John, glad you were able to catch Jenny. Hope you got her book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ( A Mostly True Memoir)” it explains a lot.

  7. I am sure that MRK is a wonderful friend, but if I was Krissy – I would be spectacularly tired of your exuberance about her. Use some judgment, man!

  8. Who knew MRK was so HOT? (ok, probably lots and lots of people, but not me :) ).