Readercon, Harassment, Etc

While I was in LA, doing Wil Wheaton-related stuff and largely staying away from the Internets, the fandom-related portion of Teh Intarweebs exploded with events surrounding an incident of sexual harrassment at Readercon, a science fiction and fantasy… Read More

About That Hiatus

I mentioned last week I was planning to take off August from Whatever so as to focus on other work which needs to get done, and otherwise to take a break. I am going to modify this a… Read More

Last Chance: Hugo Voting

Just a reminder: If you don’t get your Hugo vote in by midnight tonight, Pacific Time, then you don’t get a Hugo vote. And that would be sad for you. The online ballot is here.

My Sneaky Weekend

You may have noticed I’ve been a little scarce from the site for the last couple of the days, and the reason was that I was traveling to LA in order to be at the surprise 40th birthday… Read More

The Ghost Brigades eBook (Almost Certainly Temporarily) Down on Amazon

Some folks sent me e-mails over the last couple of days, letting me know that The Ghost Brigades appears not to be available in a Kindle edition at the moment. It turns out they are correct. Why is… Read More

Followup for “Geek”

I’m squashed down with busy today, so a few notes about yesterday’s piece on who gets to be a geek: * First, deeply delighted that in a comment thread of over five hundred comments, we’ve kept things nicely… Read More

Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be

The other day CNN let some dude named Joe Peacock vomit up an embarrassing piece on its Web site, about how how awful it is that geekdom is in the process of being overrun by attractive women dressing… Read More

Sunset, 7/24/12

Ohio has weather, it does. There’s at least three different types of clouds in this picture alone.

Wow, This Mushroom-Shaped Cloud Isn’t Worrying in the Least

I may still head down to the basement, however. You know, just to check on the provisions.

The Audible Giveaway

Yes, folks, I am aware that Audible is giving away an audiobook copy of “The Sagan Diary” to some of its members as part of its “Christmas in July” promotion. They asked if they could, and I said,… Read More

Various and Sundry, 7/24/12

Quickly, because I have other things to write today: * Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night, which I enjoyed but which I strongly suspect could have been about a half hour shorter without any significant loss of… Read More

A Self-Made Man Looks At How He Made It

To begin, my mother and father are responsible for me existing at all, so I suppose the first round of “How I made it to where I am” begins there. I was born at Travis Air Force Base… Read More

Managing Whatever These Days

I was asked while I was at Comic Con whether I find it more difficult to write and maintain Whatever these days, because of all the other work I do and also because profile seems to have been… Read More

What Krissy Did With Her Saturday

She ran in the 5k “Color Run” in Columbus, in which in addition to running for 3.2 miles, one also gets splotzed with colored powder. Why? Because it’s fun! Kicky fun! Apparently. Well, okay. It’s more than what… Read More

And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend

He’s so smooth about it, too. If only I had his voice. And his┬ásartorial┬ásense. And his money! For really quite a few other versions of this particular song, see this Metafilter thread. Enjoy.  

Tor/Forge Totally DRM Free, Plus Anecdotal Notes Regarding Redshirts

Tor/Forge, my primary science fiction publisher, announced today that their previously-announced policy of putting out their eBooks DRM-free is now being implemented, which is to say that if you buy any of their eBooks moving forward, there will… Read More

Join the “B” Team

If you were at Comic Con, one of the things you could do is get a groovy button from to the Tor Books booth promoting The Human Division. These buttons has one of two URLs on it: JoinTheBTeam.us… Read More

Advance Warning: I’m Taking August Off

Yes I am. Because I have soooo much work to do, that’s why, and my plan for August is to hole up, disappear from teh Intarweebs and write like the wind. What does this mean for Whatever during… Read More

Reminder: Vote for the Hugos!

Allow me to put on my Toastmaster of Chicon 7 hat here for a moment and just say: Hey! You! Don’t forget to vote for the Hugos this year! Here’s the online ballot! Want to vote but haven’t… Read More

Fans and Pros on Gender Parity on Panels

The Hugo Award-winning fanzine Journey Planet has a new issue out (that’s a pdf link) which, in addition to reprinting my “Lowest Difficulty Setting” pieces and its attendant commentary by other spec fic fans and pros, also tackles… Read More