The Books That Arrived While I Was Away

I’ve taken to showing the books that show up at the Scalzi Compound over on Twitter, but I didn’t do that while I was on tour, because, duh, I was on tour. So by way of catching up,… Read More

Calling the Undecideds

I’m not gonna lie to you folks: I’m am less likely to be voting for Mitt Romney come November than I am to be leaving my wife to shack up with a wise-cracking turtle named Laverne (and I’m… Read More

Yes, I’ve Seen This Red Shirt-Related Macro + B&N Review Take on Redshirts

The graphic above has only been forwarded to me about 40,000 times (I was first referred to it here). Yes, I’ve seen it. Yes, it’s funny. One suspects that the folks at Independent Health are sweetly oblivious to… Read More

It’s Okay Not to Read Me

I noted this briefly on Twitter last night but I think it’s worth expanding just a little bit. Last night I read a mostly vaguely negative review of Redshirts on a personal blog in which the reviewer basically… Read More