Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You

On Twitter, a hopeful request: Oh, well, okay. Since you asked. For those who don’t know, “Stop the GR Bullies” relates to a Web site created by some folks to go after people on Goodreads who write reviews… Read More

Not a Sunset, 7/17/12

A few hours from sunset, with the sun burning through — barely — some pretty ominous clouds. We could use the rain, man.

The New Desktop, Completed

It is thus. As noted before, the new desktop is a Mac Mini, which I got for a number of reasons. This first is, simply, it’s relatively cheap; the other computers I was looking at were a couple… Read More

The New Desktop Has Arrived

Now comes the installmentationness! YES IT IS A REAL WORD. Because I am a writer and I say so, that’s why. When next you see me, it will be on this. Unless I screw things up. Which is… Read More

Things to Do Today

In no particular order: Pick up the dog from the boarders Set up the new desktop computer I have ordered (it’s a Mac Mini) which will arrive today Write on the video game I am working on Write… Read More