And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend

He’s so smooth about it, too. If only I had his voice. And his┬ásartorial┬ásense. And his money! For really quite a few other versions of this particular song, see this Metafilter thread. Enjoy.  

Tor/Forge Totally DRM Free, Plus Anecdotal Notes Regarding Redshirts

Tor/Forge, my primary science fiction publisher, announced today that their previously-announced policy of putting out their eBooks DRM-free is now being implemented, which is to say that if you buy any of their eBooks moving forward, there will… Read More

Join the “B” Team

If you were at Comic Con, one of the things you could do is get a groovy button from to the Tor Books booth promoting The Human Division. These buttons has one of two URLs on it: JoinTheBTeam.us… Read More