The Big Idea: Adam Christopher

You know superheroes. You love superheroes. But if you want to write about superheroes, sometimes it’s hard to put a spin on a subject that hasn’t already made the rounds. Adam Christopher faced the Superhero Challenge in his… Read More

And So It Begins

My day today: SFWA board meeting, 9am – 2pm. Prep for Chicon 7 Opening Ceremonies, 2pm – 3pm. Opening Ceremonies for Chicon 7, at which I am host, 3pm – 4pm. SFWA board meeting, 4pm – 6pm. Opening… Read More

The View From the Hotel Window, Chicon 7 Edition

Not so bad. In other news, hi, I am in Chicago and ready for Chicon 7. Where are you?

The Big Idea: Richard Kadrey

Are you a loser? You just may be! If you are, Richard Kadrey argues, you are in some fine company — and indeed, some of your favorite fictional heroes may just be there in the loser camp with you…. Read More

An Assignment to Keep You Occupied, 8/28/12

Another day of offline writing and preparing for Chicon 7. So, again to keep you amused whilst I scribble, an assignment: Pick any author, living or dead, to remake (or do a sequel to) any book, play or… Read More

Neil Armstrong and Futures Past

I was two months old when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and 43 when he died, and inbetween those two events the future changed. When Armstrong landed, a human future in space seemed inevitable — we’d landed… Read More

A Question to Keep You Occupied, 8/27/12

Because I have lots to do today but don’t want you bored. YOUR QUESTION: You have the ability to, for one night, reanimate any two historical personages (“historical” = “not currently alive”) and have them discuss/debate a topic… Read More

My Plans For the Weekend Do Not Impress Ghlaghghee

Well, fair enough. She is a hard cat to impress. Be that as it may, I do have plans for the weekend, and they do not include being here. See you Monday.

My Chicon 7 Programming Schedule

Hey, did you know I am the Toastmaster of Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, which happens next week? Well, it’s true, I am! And here’s my schedule of events while I am there. Thu Aug 30 3:00:pm Opening… Read More

John Scalzi (Not Me) Reads John Scalzi (Me)

Look, it’s John Scalzi! Or, a John Scalzi, one that’s not my dad, or a weatherman down in Florida, or a (by now I assume retired) boxer, or the now-deceased masonry scientist, or me. This one lives in… Read More

Athena at the Fair

She enjoyed herself. As did we all, although my enjoyment, as those who followed the Twitter feed last night know, mostly revolved around foods that were fried and/or on a stick. The ironic thing is that I weighed… Read More

Feral Kitten Update, 8/22

It is thus: One, it’s not a kitten. Based on wear on the teeth, the vet guessed it (and it is a he, incidentally) was five or six years old. It just happens to be small (5.6 pounds),… Read More

“John Scalzi’s Blog” Now Set to Music

Because how could it not be set to music? Words by Steven Brust. Music by That Neil Guy. Well done, sirs. Well done. Update, 8/23: Look! Another, different one!

For No Particularly Good Reason, My Ranking of Pixar Films, From Best to Least Quality

1. Toy Story 2 2. The Incredibles 3. Wall-E 4. Toy Story 5. Monsters, Inc. 6. Up 7. Ratatouille 8. Toy Story 3 9. Finding Nemo 10. Monsters University 11. Brave 12. Cars 13. A Bug’s Life 14…. Read More

Todd Akin

Representative Todd Akin has decided to stay in the Missouri senatorial race, bucking the national GOP, which desperately wants him tossed under the bus for the spectacularly stupid “legitimate rape” thing, and you know what? Good for him…. Read More

Steven Brust Pens a Ditty For You

About this very site! Apropos to the some of the comment excitement we’ve had here today. It’s called “John Scalzi’s Blog.” Enjoy!

I’m Plotting. Here’s the New Muse Single to Keep You Busy

It’s called “Madness.” It’s pretty good, if you like Muse, which I do.

Feral Kitten Update, 8/20/12

Feral Kitten has a vet appointment on Wednesday for shots and a general checkup, at which point we’ll find out more about his/her condition (I haven’t checked to see if FK is a him or her). Kitten also… Read More

RIP, Tony Scott

If you’re a fan of film, take a moment in your day to remember Tony Scott, who apparently committed suicide yesterday in San Pedro by jumping off a bridge. Scott left notes explaining his actions but at the… Read More

(Not) Reviewing Books

The literary world appears to be having one of its semi-predictable spasms about writers criticizing writers — or writers not criticizing writers enough, as the case may be — and all the various associated emotions that go with that. We… Read More